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Akane Inui (乾赤音 Inui Akane?) was Seishu Inui's older sister.


Akane was a girl of average height with light shoulder-length hair and big gentle eyes. She often donned her school uniform that consisted of a checkered skirt, a clean button-down underneath a light sweater vest, and a pair of dark calf-length socks in school shoes. She also wore a matching bow tie with a striped pattern as part of her uniform.

Her features were drastically similar to her younger brother's Seishu Inui which Hajime Kokonoi found attractive. On weekdays after school, Akane carried a school bag with her.


Akane often spent time with her younger brother Seishu Inui and his childhood friend Hajime Kokonoi and was generally a loving sibling. As Inupi's older sister, she encouraged her brother to act like Koko who she commended as remarkably kind, but Inupi would usually defy her wishes.[3] She has also been depicted to be upfront about her feelings. As such, she was straightforward about her rejection of Koko’s attempt at kissing her, wisely telling him that he should only do such things to the person he truly liked,[4] but at one point came off as indecisive as she took into consideration his romantic feelings for her despite pointing out the five-year age gap between them and recently rejecting his kiss.[5]


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Tenjiku Arc


  • The name Akane means "red, crimson" (赤) ('aka) and "sound, noise" (音) (ne).
  • Akane's surname Inui means "dried, cured, drought, dry, desiccate, drink up, heaven, emperor" (乾).


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