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The Battle of 8/3 was a battle between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Moebius. In the original timeline, the Battle of 8/3 was set up to be Ken Ryuguji's apparent death.


After witnessing Atsushi Sendo's death in the present, both Takemichi Hanagaki and Naoto Tachibana discovered that Ken Ryuguji was wounded and soon died on August 3, 2005 during a brawl with a motorcycle gang from Shibuya. At that time, the Tokyo Manji Gang was split into two factions, with those who supported Manjiro Sano forming the first and those who supported Draken consisting the other. Takemichi, not believing that Toman would split because of them, resolves to look into other reasons the brawl may have started. Takemichi shakes Naoto's hand and then goes back in time, only to be invited going to a shrine by Ken Ryuguji where everyone would gather for a meeting.

The meeting of Toman begins with the topic of the feud between Toman and Moebius. It was then revealed that Osanai, Moebius' leader, fought with Pah-chin's friends, which led to members of Moebius raping his girlfriend, killing his parents and siblings, as well as taking his money. Mikey asks Pah whether or not he wants to fight Moebius over it, and when Pah agrees, Mikey rallies the rest of Toman to the cause, stating that Toman will have a battle against Mobius on August 3rd at the Musashi Festival.

Following the meeting, Takemichi wonders if Draken dies in the fight. Feeling unsure, the only situation he found was "becoming Draken's bodyguard", however Draken declines. Takemichi then decides to keep an eye on Draken around without his permission, along with Mikey. Noticing that Draken's death is the reason why Mikey changes and Toman becomes "evil" in the present, he decides to further investigate Moebius.

Eventually, noticing that there was an important discussion between Mikey, Draken, Pah and Peh, Takemichi then interrupts, asking if the conflict with Moebius can be stopped. Pah tells him to leave, but Takemichi keeps insisting even as he’s beaten up over trying to prevent the conflict. Mikey tells him that it is already decided that Toman and Moebius will fight. Takemichi continues to refuse to back down.

Before their argument can escalate, Osanai interrupts them. Pah immediately tries to hit him, but is punched instead. Osanai then states he heard Toman was going to pick a fight with Moebius, hence, he eventually decided to come over and strike first. Eventually, Moebius gang members flood into building as Osanai declares war. Moebius' ambush against Toman did not go well, with Osanai defeating Pah-chin but was then defeated by Mikey. Osanai then stands up and tries to stab Mikey, however, Draken steps in to stop the stab and dispatches Osanai eventually. After hearing police sirens in the distance, everyone escaped and Draken insists that someone should carry Osanai.

Shockingly, Pah-chin steps in and decides to stab Osanai while he's downed, and everyone was shocked. As the police draw closer, Pah tells everybody to escape without him because he’s going to give himself up to them. Whilst escaping, Takemichi collapses and wakes up later in the hospital. He finds out from Emma that Draken and Mikey have started fighting and Toman has splitted into two groups, fighting whether Pah-chin deserved to be arrested or not. As Takemichi was back home recovering, he was visited by his friends, Akkun, Yamamoto, Yamagishi and Suzuki. They were discussing over the feud of Toman splitting, eventually, Draken enters the room. He reveals to the group that Pah won't be released from prison for at least a year and that Osanai is still alive. Adding more, Draken reveals he's going to sever connections with Mikey before leaving.

Outside, at Takemichi's house, both Takemichi and Draken bump into Mikey, who was on his way to visit Takemichi as well. Both Draken and Mikey have begin arguing and physically fighting, throwing around Takemichi’s belongings. Feeling angered, Takemichi orders both of them to stop. He eventually becomes emotional and starts yelling at the two of them for destroying things and not caring about the people around them. At the end of his speech, Mikey comments that Takemichi has poop stuck in his hair, and the serious atmosphere disappears as everybody laughs. Later on, Draken and Mikey apologize to one another, and Mikey says that he forgot why they were even fighting when Takemichi asks about it. Takemichi comes to an understanding that Mikey wanted to help Pah-Chin and Draken didn’t want Pah’s decision to turn himself in to the police to be in vain.

Eventually, Hina and Emma show up where all of the boys are gathered and Hina asks Takemichi if he’ll go with her to a festival on the 3rd of August, which he agrees to.


On the August of 3rd, Takemichi and Hina joins Draken and Emma at the festival. Both of the couples spit up and have fun as they play games. When it starts to rain, both Takemichi and Hina retreat into the tree line. They were both about to kiss, however, they were interrupted by Yamagishi, who phones Takemichi, telling him he received some intel that some of the Toman members who supported Mikey are now targeting Draken. Takemichi then tells Hina to wait and runs off to go tell Draken, berating himself for letting his guard down. On his way, he sees a member of Moebius talking to Kiyomasa, stating that he's going to kill Draken.

As Takemichi watches Kiyomasa, he was then discovered and dragged before him by another Toman member. Kiyomasa then orders his underlings to wrap Takemichi up with duct tape. He reveals to Takemichi that once he's done with killing Draken, he will go back to punish Takemichi afterwards. As soon as Kiyomasa left, Hina finds Takemichi lying on the floor, crying. Hina then gives Takemichi some encourangement and a kiss, restoring Takemichi's resolve to settle the score with Kiyomasa.

Takemichi then runs into Mitsuya, who then tells him that Draken is going to be attacked and killed by Kiyomasa. Mitsuya tells him that he already knows, however, Mitsuya reveals that it's actually Peh-yan. Peh was still unhappy about Pah's arrest and how nothing was done about it, thinking that Toman abandoned Pah. Meanwhile, Peh approches Draken and Emma, and Draken is being ambushed from behind. Draken then takes down a few Moebius members who had attacked him, but was heavily injured in the process. Both Mitsuya and Takemichi then rushed to Draken, providing back up for Draken. Draken then orders Mitsuya to take care of the rest of the Moebius for him. As Takemichi realizes that Kiyomasa isn’t around and that he’s going to be made to fight against the Moebius members, Draken points out that the sound in the distance is Mikey approaching on his CB250T bike.

Mikey then arrives and pieces together the enemy's plan to break up Toman. Hanma, the temporary leader of Moebius, then arrives, spurring Mikey to kick him. Hanma then blocks Mikey's kick and orders the Moebius members to kill both Mikey and Draken, accomplishing the goal to destroy Toman. As Takemichi contemplates the unexpected developments, all of Toman arrives, prepared to unite to fight Moebius.

As the fight begins, Takemichi is determined to protect Draken, despite the unexpected developments, and looks for him. Amid all the fighting, Mikey attempts to reconcile with Peh, questioning why he attacked Draken. Peh reiterates his anger at Pah's perceived abandonment and tells Mikey to fight him back. Mikey reminds Peh of the situation's seriousness, from Pah's arrest to Toman's potential split. He also then reflects on his personal selfishness, telling Peh to beat him until he feels satisfied, also stating that he does not want to fight Peh. Mikey then asks him to rejoin Toman. Takemichi finds Draken on the ground, right after Kiyomasa stabs him.

Noticing Draken's injury, Mikey then orders Takemichi to take care of Draken, eventually carrying him to the hospital. On their way, both of them were joined by Hina and Emma, who then informs that they called an ambulance. As they wait for the ambulance in an alleyway, Kiyomasa and his gang shows up. Takemichi at first decides to run away, with Draken also telling him to leave him with Emma and Hina. Takemichi refuses, reminding him of his goal to save those he cares for, motivating himself to stand against Kiyomasa.

Takemichi declares his resolve to fight Kiyomasa, mentioning that they never finished their fight in the ring. Draken, Hina, and Emma throw words of support behind Takemichi. As he prepares to punch Kiyomasa, Kiyomasa impales his palm with a knife, telling Takemichi that he has no intention of fighting fairly, and is prepared to kill him. Pulling the knife out of his palm, Takemichi thinks back to his aspiration, becoming Japan's top delinquents, alongside his middle school friends. As Takemichi is thrown on the ground, he laments his past weakness and cowardice, rushing towards Kiyomasa once more. Despite his lack in fighting ability, Takemichi grabs on to Kiyomasa, bites him and puts him under a chokehold, not letting go of him. Takemichi then successfully subdues Kiyomasa.

However, with the rest of Kiyomasa's group remains, Takemichi then tells Hina and Emma to leave while he and Draken prepare to fight, despite of their weakened state. As soon as both of them stand up to face their opponents, they both prepared to die and face their opponents with determination. Suddenly, Akkun then appears and punches one of their opponents in the face, coming to Takemichi and Draken's aid alongside Makoto, Yamagishi and Yamamoto. They then provided coverage to Takemichi and Draken, expressing their desire to win, recalling Takemichi's perseverance against Kiyomasa. Hearing the arrival of the ambulance and police, Takemichi thanks his friends, and Kiyomasa's group leaves in a panic, leaving behind an unconscious Kiyomasa. Takemichi is glad his actions were not in vain, and his friends help Draken to the ambulance.


The battle ends with Toman successfully defeats Moebius, with Hanma the sole member standing. Hanma remarks on the dullness of his fight with Mikey, then leaves on a motorcycle. Mikey was then given a warning from Hanma, telling him that Valhalla, the soon-to-be strongest biker gang alliance in Kanto, is about to form with Hanma as one of its leaders and they will not leave Toman alone.

Meanwhile, Draken was sent to the hospital, accompained by the rest of Toman. He was revealed to be in critical condition, immediately being opearted on. Most of the people there present were worried about Draken's condition, however, Mikey reassures that Draken will survive. The surgery was then revealed to be a success, and Draken survives.

Despite his attempt to kill Draken, Peh-yan rejoins Toman, continuing his duties as the Vice-Captain of the Third Division.

Following of his goal being accomplished, Takemichi decides to go back in time. Before that, he decides to give Hina a four-leaf clover necklace.

Back to the present, Takemichi then sees Akkun, before being phoned by Naoto, telling him that things changed back in the present, revealing that Hina is still alive.

However, the deaths of Hina and Akkun still occur, with Akkun revealing the same words he said before, saying Kisaki is the man responsible for their deaths. Takemichi Hanagaki then resolves by becoming the top member of Toman and then goes back in time.

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