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The Battle of Three Deities refers to the unforeseen battle between Rokuhara Tandai, Brahman, and Kanto Manji Gang on July 7, 2008.




The result of the conflict

The Conflict resulted in two deaths, being Draken and South Terano. With Senju's appeal, Brahman is undone for the finalization of that conflict. Rokuhara Tendai is taken over by the Kanto Manji Gang. Making Kanto Manji Gang the top gang in the nation, with no other deitie to stop it. With the end of the Era of the Three Deities, Manjiro Sano begins a new era in Japan, and this is his era.

After the conflict, Kokonoi takes Takemichi to Inui, because of his injuries that would lead to his death. Inupi agrees to take him to the hospital, leaving Takemichi in Inupi's care. A few days after the end of the battle, Draken's wake takes place, bringing all the members of the old Toman to participate. However, Takemichi does not attend due to his comatose state, only being told by Chifuyu at the hospital as soon as he wakes up.

Weeks after Takemichi wakes up, the Toman members visit him, and tell him that Takemichi can count on everyone, because he was the one most affected by Draken's death. After this, Takemichi makes a promise with Hina in front of him, promising to confront Mikey. A month later, Takemichi begins recruiting members for his gang, initiating his plan to put an end to the Kanto Manji Gang.


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