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Black Dragon (黒龍 (ブラックドラゴン) , Burakku Doragon?) was the number one gang in the Tokyo during its prime. It lasted 11 generations until it was absorbed by Tokyo Manji Gang.


Founded by Shinichiro Sano in his youth, Black Dragon was the top delinquent gang in the Kanto region for generations.[2]

Black Dragon continued to prosper while upholding the first generation's ideals, until Izana Kurokawa, the eighth generation president, spat on them and corrupted Black Dragon into a depraved gang. Shion Madarame inherited Izana's will, along with a mission to destroy Manjiro Sano. He was utterly defeated, and Black Dragon fell into ruins.

In an effort to revive the gang, Seishu Inui wanted to become the tenth generation leader and recruit Taiju Shiba as an executive, but he was defeated. As a result, Taiju became the next leader and transformed Black Dragon into a militaristic band of warriors. However, this glory was short-lived after Taiju and Black Dragon were wiped out by Manjiro Sano and Ken Ryuguji.

The remaining Black Dragon members were absorbed by the Tokyo Manji Gang, and Takemichi Hanagaki was nominated as the eleventh generation president.


The history of the Black Dragon gang is based around the notion of generations. Basically, a generation is an "era" of the gang, beginning and ending with the rise and retirement of a President. Some generations are simple successions, just the same gang with a new President, while others are complete renovations from their predecessors, with different members, uniforms and even different values.

1st Generation

The 1st Generation was the foundation of the Black Dragon, created with Shinichiro Sano as its head. It was a noble gang that didn't like to involve itself with dishonorable criminal activities such as drug trafficking and murder. In this generation, Takeomi Akashi was the vice president, with Wakasa Imaushi and Keizo Arashi as captains. [3]

Founding of Black Dragon

8th Generation

The 8th Generation was led by Izana Kurokawa. It was during this era of the gang when it started to get corrupted, with its members engaging in needless violence. This is also the time that a young Seishu Inui would enter its ranks.

9th Generation

The 9th Generation was led by Shion Madarame. Nothing much is known about this generation, but it was the reason the Tokyo Manji Gang was formed. It was also defeated by the latter.

10th Generation

The 10th Generation was led by Taiju Shiba. It was a violent gang, though still holding the principles of the First Generation. In this generation, Seishu Inui and Hajime Kokonoi were both appointed as captains.

11th Generation

The 11th Generation was led by Takemichi Hanagaki. Unlike the previous generations, this generation is under Tokyo Manji Gang's rule. Seishu Inui was the temporary president, making an attempt to "revive" the Black Dragons following the rules of the 1st Generation, before being changed, becoming the Vice-President of this generation.


For the first generation, the founding members were seen wearing black biker outfits, similarly to Tokyo Manji Gang's outfit. Mikey evidently modeled Tokyo Manji Gang's uniform after it.

During the ninth generation, Shion Madarame and his underlings wore a white version of the uniform.

In the Tenth Generation, its members wore uniforms that mimicked military garb, befitting their fearsome image as a warmongering army.

Founding Members

Founder & 1st Gen. President
1st Gen. Vice President
Guard Unit Captain
Special Attack Unit Captain

Generational Leaders

Founder & 1st Gen. President
8th Gen. President
9th Gen. President
10th Gen. President
11th Gen. President

Known Members

10th Gen. Elite Guard Captain
8th Gen. Vice President/10th Gen. Attack Guard Captain/Temporary 11th Gen. President/11th Gen. Vice President


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