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Brahman ( (ブラフマン) , Burafuman?) was a delinquent gang formed during Tokyo's Sengoku Period. It was led by Senju Kawaragi until its dissolution caused by the gang's defeat in the Battle of Three Deities.



Brahman's uniform primarily consisted of an oversized hoodie with the gang logo etched on the backside and a matching typography of the words "Black Dragon" on the sleeves. Along with the hoodie, Brahman members were most often seen wearing dark lower garments and a pair of sneakers in the same color. On the other hand, executives and members of the top administration wore customized uniforms with personally tailored sleeves designed to the wearer's liking.


Brahman's logo was a typography of its name stylized vertically. Its name in kanji separated the two syllables of the word "Brahman."


Brahman was formed by Senju Kawaragi in the year 2006 with the goal of taking down Manjiro Sano, the infamous "Invincible Mikey," of the Kanto Manji Gang.[1] Senju sought the help of her older brother Takeomi Akashi and his colleagues from the First Generation Black Dragon in creating the team, and granted them high positions as her advisor and Top Executives respectively once Brahman was established.[2]

Brahman's origins

According to Ken Ryuguji, Brahman first began as a powerful group of fighters who ran an underground ring known as "B1."[3] Their affluent clients would watch matches every night through a private monitor and place their bets. After some time of running the cartel, B1 created Brahman, a fearsome militant combat group that now controls Shinjuku.[4] Brahman's formation and prevalence heavily affected the result of Tokyo's Sengoku Period, a two-year long confrontation period between the countless gangs in Tokyo to fill the power vacuum, in which Brahman prevailed as one of the three mightiest gangs . As a result, Brahman maintained the balance of control in Tokyo's delinquent world, alongside the Kanto Manji Gang and Rokuhara Tandai.[5]

However, despite governing Tokyo in equal power with the two other gangs, Brahman's administration owned up to the organization's initial goal, which was to stop the Kanto Manji Gang, whom they viewed in a negative light in comparison to the now-disbanded Tokyo Manji Gang.[6]


Brahman welcomes Senju

Despite being led by Senju Kawaragi who was presumably the youngest member, Brahman was known to house formidable fighters from older generations[7] including the notable members of the First Generation Black Dragon.[8] Due to the First Generation's sovereignty, Brahman was also known to be heavily influenced and related to the gang, as proven by the design of their uniforms[9] and their core principles that significantly paralleled the First Generation's good morale.[10][11]

However, according to Seishu Inui, Brahman was akin to a Yakuza gang rather than an ordinary motorcyclist team with several acts of violence tied to them. He also stated that malicious rumors trailed the gang often as it was marshalled by adults.[12]


Number 2
Top Executives
Gang members


Image Battle Result
The Three Deities face each other (manga).png Battle of Three Deities Brahman was defeated. Senju Kawaragi announced the gang's disbandment.


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