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Reply is the tenth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


A girl straddling Takemichi in only her underwear at a karaoke booth tells Takemichi that there’s “no kissing”, leaving him to wonder what he is allowed to do when she gets up to pick up a phone call from the front desk and asks for an extension of their time in the booth. When she turns around to ask him if he wants a drink, Takemichi has already fled the booth in a state of shock and speaks out loud about never letting Hina find out about what just happened.

Hina talks about the "adult" Takemichi

Hina appears from behind him, asking what he’s talking about, and remarks that lately Takemichi has been acting strange. She calls this Takemichi “Adult Takemichi” and notes how, after they’d watched fireworks on the roof together, Takemichi had left and acted cold towards her at school, but this Takemichi is different and nicer.

Takemichi receives a phone call from Draken about coming to a shrine where everyone will be gathered, and Hina invites herself along. She talks about how important it is that she gets to spend time together with Takemichi, and Takemichi thinks on how it’s important to him that he saves Hina, remembering that his mission right now is to save Draken in order to achieve that goal.

Takemichi is accosted at the Toman meeting

The pair reach the shrine, and shortly after their arrival dozens of motorcycle gang members arrive. Two of the gang members accost Takemichi for being in their meeting spot but are stopped by the 2nd division captain of Toman, Mitsuya Takashi, who tells them that Takemichi is Mikey’s guest.

Mitsuya leads Takemichi and Hina to Mikey and Draken, the latter of which apologizes for scaring Hina the other day. He then calls over Emma and tells her to look out for Hina, and Takemichi realizes she is the same girl from the karaoke booth when she greets him. Somewhat aggressively, Hina and Draken question how Takemichi knows her.

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