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Reburn is the eleventh chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Hina assumes the worst of the fact that Emma states that Takemichi saw her in her underwear but ran away. She somehow ends up with a bat and beats Takemichi with it, storming off and calling him a jerk. Emma teases him for coming on to her despite having Hina as a girlfriend, and tells him that she doesn’t actually care about him, implying that she only wanted to make Draken jealous.

Draken announces the start of the meeting

Draken calls everybody to attention so that Mikey can speak. At this point, Takemichi learns that there may be future conflict with a biker gang called “Moebius”, which is a larger and more established gang than Toman currently is.

Pah and Peh accost Takemichi

Mikey announces the plan to fight Moebius

While processing this, Takemichi is kicked in the back by 3rd division captain Pah-Chin, joined by the 3rd division vice-captain, Peh-Yan, and both of them interrogate him over how he’s going to pay back what happened to Kiyomasa in the fighting ring. Mitsuya steps in and tells them to drop it, and when they don’t respond well to that, Draken interjects and tells them to shut up. They apologize and leave while Mitsuya explains that Moebius’s leader, Osanai, fought with one of Pah’s friends, which led to members of Moebius raping his girlfriend, killing his parents and siblings, and taking his money.

Mikey asks Pah whether or not he wants to fight Moebius over it, and when he says yes Mikey rallies the rest of Toman to the cause, stating that they’ll have a battle with Moebius on August 3rd at the Musashi Festival—the day that Takemichi knows Draken is supposed to die.

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