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Remind is the twelfth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Takemichi wonders if Draken dies in the fight with Moebius. Unsure, he decides that the best way to approach things is to “become Draken’s bodyguard”, thinking that he can either prevent Draken from fighting with Mikey or stop him from being killed in a fight with Moebius this way.

Draken rejects Takemichi's offer of being his bodyguard

Draken rejects Takemichi’s offer to act as his bodyguard, stating that he can handle things on his own and questioning whether Takemichi would even be good at a job like that. Refusing to give up, Takemichi decides he’ll just have to follow Draken around to keep an eye on him without permission.

He follows Draken into a restaurant where he thinks he may be fighting with Mikey, but it turns out to be a series of misunderstandings over Mikey not getting a flag in his kid’s meal rice and then falling asleep after eating, resulting in needing to be carried out of the restaurant by Draken.

Draken makes Mikey bow with him

Takemichi follows them out where they go to visit Pah’s friend's girlfriend in the hospital. Draken remarks on her gruesome injuries and how horribly Moebius treats its victims. The girl’s father appears, yelling at Mikey and Draken for being there when they’re part of why his daughter is currently in the hospital. Mikey is reluctant to bow and show he’s apologetic because he doesn't believe they had anything to do with it, but Draken pushes him into a bow anyway.

After the girl’s parents leave, Draken tells Mikey that it is their responsibility to not let outsiders get harmed due to what happens in their world, and that he doesn’t have to bow but he needs to care about others and have a heart. Mikey apologizes and tells Draken he’s glad he’s here with him.

From this exchange, Takemichi realizes that Draken’s death is why Mikey changes and Toman becomes “evil” in the present day. He doesn’t believe that Draken and Mikey would ever actually fight and decides he needs to further investigate Moebius.

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