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Regret is the thirteenth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Takemichi returns to the present day and is joined by Naoto at a construction site where Moebius’s former leader, Osanai, is working, hoping to question the man about the conflict between Moebius and Toman.

Osanai talks to Naoto and Takemichi

When they see Osanai, he is in a sorry state, not clean-shaved and wearing dirty clothing. They sit down with him at a restaurant and Naoto questions him about the 2005 conflict with the Tokyo Manji Gang, but Osanai refuses to talk about it, insisting only that they—Moebius—did not kill Draken, and that Draken’s death was all a part of “that guy’s” scheme.

Naoto and Takemichi determine that somebody was working to turn Mikey and Draken against one another, and that Takemichi needs to return to the past in order to prevent Toman from fighting against Moebius.

Takemichi implores Akkun to follow his dreams

When he returns to the past, he is riding on the back of Atsushi’s bicycle, and inquires about the other boy’s dream for the future. Akkun says that he supposes he wants to become a beautician, and Takemichi insists that he must become one, and that he’ll be the first customer.

Remembering what he’s back in the past for, Takemichi has Atsushi stop so that he can run to find Mikey at the Toman base.

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