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Pep party is the one hundred thirtieth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Confused, Takemichi asks Kakucho what he means by saving Izana Kurokawa.[1] Kakucho explains that he does not agree with the present conflict, telling Takemichi that Izana is being manipulated by Kisaki.

Later, at Toman's emergency meeting, Takemichi continues to ponder Kisaki's role. Draken announces the commencement of the meeting, as well the circumstances: Toman members were attacked in various parts of Tokyo, all by Tenjiku members. Because Tenjiku is a newly formed gang with unknown tactics and goals, they must gather as much information as possible.

The First Division is called up to explain their experience. Chifuyu explains that the group who attacked them was called "Team Mochizuki", lead by Mocchi;[2] Smiley speculates that Team Mochizuki is Tenjiku's main force. However, Mitsuya disputes Mocchi's role as Tenjiku's main force, telling them that the Haitani Brothers are also part of Tenjiku.[3] Draken adds that the other Toman members were attacked by Shion Madarame.

Mikey and Draken speculate on the S62 generation

Mikey vows to raid Yokohama

These delinquents are all part of the infamous S-62 generation, a generation with significantly brutal and powerful delinquents. Mikey and Draken deduce that because the S-62 would not usually team up, they must have deep connections with Toman. Mikey pledges to fight against Tenjiku and plans to invade Yokohama; hearing this, Takemichi gets a bad feeling, believing this may play right into Kisaki's hands. Chifuyu tells Takemichi to put his feelings into conviction; although Takemichi vowed not to go back to the future,[4] Chifuyu believes it is necessary to gather information.

Hina arrives home

As he runs to Hina and Naoto's place to time-leap, his mind races with questions about Kisaki's plans and methods; though he does not want to return to the bad future, he needs answers to change the future. Arriving at the Tachibana's door, Takemichi vows to go back as many times as it takes to change the future. Just then, Hina arrives home, asking if Takemichi has been fighting again. As he thinks back to the time he swore to save Hina,[5] Takemichi smiles, saying he keeps on losing.

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