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Run out of patience is the third chapter of the 16th volume and the 137th chapter overall of the Tokyo卍Revengers manga series, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui.


Izana leaves Emma

Emma explains the last time she saw her brother was right before he was institutionalized. As she was still young, Emma did not understand the implications, asking if an institution was a fun place and saying that she wanted to go with Izana. As he left, Izana promised Emma that he would come back for her eventually. Annoyed, Emma says she has told Mikey about this numerous times, as he and Izana are half-brothers. She explains that she used to share a last name with Izana.

Izana and Shinichiro's letters

When Takemichi, shocked by this new information, asks if she remembers much about Izana, she replies that she does not, as he left when she was three years old. Emma eventually remembers a detail: Izana got along with Shinichiro well. When Mikey and Draken question how she would know this, Emma rummages in a drawer, retrieving a tin full of letters that belonged to Shinichiro. These letters were all written by Izana; although Emma did not read them, she is sure they got along well, as there are many letters. Draken remarks that the amount of letters is kind of scary.

Mikey goes out for air

Draken reads Izana's letter

As they read through the letters, they do not seem to find any relevant information, with the letters only detailing Izana's daily life. Draken finds and reads what he believes to be Izana's first letter, where he thanks Shinichiro for visiting him. After reading another letter, Mikey says he is going outside for air; as they read the letter Mikey put down, they find that Izana dislikes Mikey, blaming him for his headaches; he asks Shinichiro not to mention Mikey to him. Draken deduces that because Shinichiro was the only family member who saw value in him, Izana, who led the Eighth Generation Black Dragons, would probably hold envy and resentment towards Mikey, since Shinichiro left the Black Dragons for Mikey to lead.[1]

Shion vows to carry on Izana's will

Draken says that something has always bothered him: when they formed Toman, the Ninth leader, Shion Madarame, declared that he would carry on the Eighth leader's will of crushing Mikey and Toman. Surprised, Takemichi realizes that Izana desired to defeat Mikey; Draken suspects that the Black Dragons' attack on Kazutora[2] was part of Izana's plan to defeat Mikey because he held a personal grudge against him. Takemichi concludes that now that Shinichiro is dead, Izana has decided to directly attack Mikey.

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