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Stick together is the one hundred thirty-eighth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Takemichi tells Chifuyu he will handle the situation alone

Takemichi calls Chifuyu over to his place and informs him of the information he gathered at Mikey's house.[1][2] Chifuyu remarks that he never thought the Tenjiku dispute had deep connections to Toman's founding. Although Takemichi relayed this information because he trusts Chifuyu, he tells Chifuyu that he will tackle the issue alone, as he does not want to drag Chifuyu into the situation.

Chifuyu tells Takemichi to consult the First Division

He explains that he can no longer go back to the future as a result of Naoto's death[3] and has come to the conclusion that he has to kill Kisaki and Izana, even with the sacrifice of his own life. Shocked, Chifuyu asks about the First Division, to which Takemichi insists that he will deal with the issue alone; Chifuyu tells him to explain it to them, as he also called them to come. Chifuyu explains that the issue is deeper than sibling rivalry, as it led to Toman's formation and him meeting Baji; it is Toman's innermost conflict. As it involves Toman, it involves the First Division; Chifuyu implores Takemichi to inform and consult them, as it should be part of the First Division Captain's responsibility.

Takemichi's friends eager to help him take on Izana

Sanzu and Mucho await Takemichi

When Takemichi tells Akkun, Yamagishi, Makoto, and Takuya, they all agree to fight back, as they are devoted to Takemichi, Mikey, and Toman. Chifuyu reassures Takemichi, telling him that the First Division is not as weak as he thinks. Just as Takemichi announces the start of a strategy meeting, a honk outside interrupts them. A Toman member stands beside a car, ordering Takemichi to join him there. The car window rolls down, revealing the Fifth Division Captain, Mucho; Chifuyu becomes worried, telling Takemichi this is bad news, as Mucho holds a special position within Toman.

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