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Resort is the fourteenth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Takemichi interrupts an important discussion between Mikey, Draken, Pah, and Peh, asking if the conflict with Moebius can be stopped. Pah tells him to leave, but Takemichi keeps insisting even as he’s beaten up over trying to prevent the conflict. Mikey tells him that it is already decided that Toman and Moebius will fight.

Takemichi begs for an end to the conflict

Takemichi continues to refuse to back down, and Draken prevents Pah from hitting him again. Mikey asks Draken if he’s defying Toman when he says maybe it’s a good idea to listen to Takemichi and see what Moebius is up to after all.

Osanai and Moebius arrive

Before their argument can escalate, they are interrupted by Osanai. Pah immediately tries to hit him, but is punched instead, and Osanai says that he’d heard Toman was going to pick a fight with Moebius and decided to come over and strike first. Moebius gang members flood into the building as Osanai declares war.

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