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Back stab is the one hundred fortieth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Mucho explains the Fifth Division's role

When Takemichi asks Mucho about his motivation, Mucho pulls up a chair and explains that Toman's Fifth Division has a unique role, serving as the "Special Task Division" which enables them to engage in infighting. Calling the Fifth Division the "Public Morality Council", Mucho says that the Fifth Division serves to punish Toman's traitors, even without Mikey's permission. Confused, Takemichi wonders if Mucho is not Tenjiku's ally, contrary to what he suspected earlier;[1] he asks if Mucho suspects that he is a traitor, to which Mucho merely responds that his motto is "guilty until proven innocent". This further confuses Takemichi, who asks again whether he is a suspected traitor; bafflingly, Mucho says he does not know.

Kokonoi and Inupi proclaim both Takemichi and their innocence

Inupi reveals to those there that he and Izana Kurokawa have an extended history together; when Izana was the eighth leader of the Black Dragons, he ordered Inupi, his right-hand man, to support the ninth generation. Inupi speculates that Mucho believes Takemichi is a spy for Tenjiku and brought him and Kokonoi into Toman as a part of this, but he and Kokonoi defend Takemichi, explaining that none of them are involved in betraying Toman. Mucho responds that they are getting worked up over a misunderstanding, explaining that his special role in Toman has nothing to do with the current situation.

Mucho reveals himself as a Tenjiku founder

Mucho recalls that he and Izana committed crimes together, then formed different gangs and became known as the S-62 Generation, a powerful group of delinquents. However, Izana stopped engaging in gang activity, leaving Mikey to recruit him into Toman. He explains to Takemichi that he is a founding member of Tenjiku. When Takemichi asks him if he is betraying Mikey and Toman, Mucho explains that his loyalty to Izana takes priority. Therefore, Takemichi, Inupi, and Kokonoi are all his enemies.

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