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Big-hearted is the one hundred forty-fourth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Mikey jealous over Takemichi

Inupi thinks back to the day following the Christmas Conflict,[1] when he told Mikey that the Black Dragons would join under Toman's command. When Mikey asks if Inupi will become the eleventh leader of Black Dragons, Inupi says he will nominate Takemichi instead, to Mikey's surprise. Inupi explains that he was reminded of Shinichiro when Takemichi stood against Taiju,[2] believing that Takemichi possesses potential. Mikey abruptly disagrees, and Inupi contends that Takemichi would still be Toman's First Division leader. Before he can finish, Mikey interrupts, showing jealousy by asserting that he found Takemichi first[3] and telling Inupi that he will only permit Takemichi to become the leader of the Black Dragons if Takemichi himself desires it.

Mikey orders for a pep rally

At a Toman meeting between Mikey and members of the First Division, Inupi chuckles to himself, remarking that he never thought he would wear Toman's uniform. After Mikey learns of Mucho's betrayal,[4] Takemichi vows that the First Division will devote itself to rescuing Kokonoi. Mikey asks Inupi when he suspects Tenjiku will stage their attack; Inupi says tomorrow, on February 22nd, as it is the eleventh anniversary of the Black Dragons' founding, a date that holds great significance to Izana. Mikey orders them to gather all of Toman for a pep rally in preparation.

Kakucho opposes Izana's methods

Meanwhile, Kakucho forcefully tells Izana he disagrees with his plan, asking why he would trust Hanma and Kisaki, who are sitting nearby. Izana tells him to shut up, as he sees no other way to defeat Toman. Kakucho apprehensively repeats his opposition, saying that he cannot condone murder.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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