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NocteKing is the one hundred fifty-third chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Izana beats up gang leaders

Nearly two hours after the planned time of the battle,[1] Izana Kurokawa has assembled the leaders of other top gangs, including Onzoku Kizoku from Shinjuku, SS from Kichijoji, Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members from Ikebukuro, and Night Dust from Ueno. He easily defeats them, bringing them to their knees, while he remarks his disappointment in the ease of the fight. Kakucho reminds him of the time, remarking that Toman has yet to arrive. Shion Madarame reveals he and Rindo attacked Mitsuya and Smiley,[2] while Mucho defeated the First Division and acquired Kokonoi.[3] Shion remarks to Kokonoi that he made a wise decision; on top of this, Kisaki defeated Mikey and Draken's will to fight.[4]

Kisaki is sure Takemichi will come

Toman faces Tenjiku

Hanma comments that Toman is essentially defeated, although Mocchi adds that he does not agree with the tactics used. Mucho tells Izana that he has made the dreams of the S-62 generation come true; Izana agrees, believing Tenjiku will become a powerful criminal organization, taking over gangs and the underground world. Thinking to himself, Izana vows to make Mikey suffer. Shion remarks that Toman is powerless without Mikey's leadership and Mocchi is dismayed, as no one has come to fight. However, Kisaki disagrees, believing Takemichi will come. When Izana asks him what he means by this, Kisaki simply shushes him; not long after, footsteps announce Toman's arrival, lead by Chifuyu and Takemichi. Kisaki tells Takemichi that he has been waiting, once again calling him "hero."

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