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A den of iniquity is the one hundred fifty-sixth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


S62 watches as Izana beats a guard

In a flashback from five years ago, the S-62 generation watches as Izana punches an employee at their juvenile detention facility. Mucho tells him that only he is capable of leading them; in response, Izana says that although they cannot currently assemble as a criminal organization, they can continue to terrorize the staff.

Chifuyu kicks Mocchi

At Tenjiku's battle against Toman, Izana tells the remaining S-26 members that it is now their time to fight. Just as Takemichi nears Kisaki's base, Mocchi steps out in front of him, telling him that they are now opponents. Just as Takemichi recognizes Mocchi,[1] Chifuyu leaps in, kicking Mocchi in the head and declaring himself as Mocchi's opponent.

The Haitani brothers find their opponents

Ran approaches Hakkai to fight, taunting him with what happened to Mitsuya;[2] meanwhile, his brother Rindo approaches Angry to fight, remarking that they are both outshined by their older brothers. Kakucho stands in front of Takemichi, telling him that they will be opponents.

Kokonoi punches Inupi

Inupi finds himself in front of Mucho; he remarks that they will be fighting as well; as he tells Mucho that he will kill him and take back Kokonoi, Mucho tells him they will not be fighting. Just then, a fist strikes Inupi; in surprise, he turns to see that Kokonoi is now his opponent.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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