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Reignition is the sixteenth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Draken declares Moebius' affiliation with Toman

Draken dispatches Osanai, preventing him from stabbing him or Mikey, and tells Osanai that he lost because he strayed from the path of a true delinquent. He then tells the other members of Moebius that their boss was beaten by Mikey, and from here on out Moebius will be affiliated with Toman.

Hearing police sirens in the distance, everyone decides they need to escape. Draken insists that somebody carry Osanai out.

Pah stabs Osanai

Pah-chin stabs Osanai while he’s downed, and everyone is shocked. As the police draw closer, Pah tells everybody to escape without him because he’s going to give himself up to them.

Hina sees Takemichi and Emma

Takemichi collapses while escaping and wakes up later in the hospital, where Emma is at his bedside. She tells him that Draken and Mikey have started fighting and that it has torn Toman in two, with the groups fighting over whether Pah-Chin deserved to be arrested or not.

Hina rushes in while Takemichi is in an incriminating pose while comforting Emma.

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