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Stand no chance is the one hundred sixtieth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Takemichi rushes at Kakucho

As Takemichi charges at Kakucho, he is easily thrown to the ground. When Kakucho tells him he is weak, asking if he is just talk, Takemichi tells him to let him fight Kisaki. Kakucho tells him that he will stand as an obstacle until he is defeated. As Kisaki, Hanma, and Izana watch the battle from a distance, Kisaki remarks that Tenjiku is facing difficulty in defeating Toman.

Chifuyu blocks Mocchi's punch

Seeing Takemichi on the ground, Chifuyu rushes to assist him, but he is blocked by Mocchi, who punches him, telling him not to be distracted. Chifuyu notes Mocchi's untiring strength. Meanwhile, Izana explains the S-62 generation's various crimes: Mocchi's crime was beating a police officer who was trying to stop a fight.

Mucho defeats Inupi

They watch the fight between Mucho and Inupi; Inupi tells Mucho to move, as he wants to talk to Kokonoi; Izana explains Mucho was imprisoned for assault, to which Hanma remarks that it seems mild in comparison to Mocchi. Izana says that Mucho broke his opponent's spinal cord and paralyzed him when he threw him onto concrete. Just as he says this, Mucho easily overpowers Inupi, using judo to throw him onto the ground. As Inupi cries out in pain, Mucho sits atop of him, telling Inupi that he is defeated.

Angry and Hakkai face the Haitani brothers

Meanwhile, Hakkai and Angry attempt to back each other up in their fight against Rindo and Ran. When Hakkai asks, Angry says his arm may be broken; Rindo mocks this, telling Angry he will break an additional limb; he tells Ran that he is looked down on for being the younger brother. Ran tells him to show them his power. Izana says that the Haitani brothers' crime was inflicting injury that caused death; Hanma says he recalls this, as that event became known as the "Roppongi Battle of the Ashes"; the brothers swiftly took out the leaders of the region's largest gang; with both of them attacking the vice-captain, their attacks caused his death. Izana is confident that Tenjiku will win the battle, as they have the S-62 generation, considered the most brutal generation of delinquents.

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