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Things change, but not all is the one hundred sixty-fifth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


In a flashback, elementary-school-aged Kakucho screams, defeated on the ground. He exclaims to Takemichi the unfairness of his fight; just as he gained the upper hand on his opponents, they call their friends to gang up on him. When Takemichi offers to fight them for Kakucho, Kakucho thanks him but says he wants to get revenge alone, as it will help him become stronger.

Kakucho's punch propels Takemichi

Facing Kakucho, Takemichi tells him that although he has gotten stronger, he is now a member of a brutal criminal organization; when he asks Kakucho what happened, Kakucho punches him in the stomach, saying that he is different from before. Izana explains that he and Kakucho met at an orphanage, seeing each other as siblings; they first met when Izana complimented Kakucho's scar. Now, Kakucho is Izana's strongest soldier. Punching him, Kakucho exclaims to Takemichi that he does not care about their past as childhood friends, as these bonds can be broken. Chifuyu, Angry, and Inupi watch in horror as Takemichi is thrown in the air by another punch.

Chifuyu stands between Takemichi and Kakucho

Takemichi says Toman will not lose

Standing over Inupi, Kokonoi remarks that Takemichi, as well as Inupi's dreams for the Black Dragons, will be easily defeated, as Kakucho throws Takemichi to the ground once more. As Chifuyu, unable to move, panics about Takemichi's safety, Takemichi gets up again, remarking that Kakucho has not changed, as he still punches like he did when he was a child. Just as Inupi tells Kokonoi that Takemichi will never lose, Kakucho tells him to prepare to die, punching him again. Bewildered, Kokonoi asks what kind of person Takemichi is, as he still remains standing after being brutally beaten and Inupi remarks that Takemichi is the person who will defeat Tenjiku. Just as Kakucho prepares to deliver his final blow, Chifuyu leaps in between the two; crying, he implores Takemichi to accept defeat, as no one from Toman is left standing; if Takemichi continues fighting, he will die. With his face swollen and bloody, Takemichi screams, insisting that Toman will never be defeated as long as he is there.

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