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Redivide is the seventeenth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Back home recovering, Takemichi has finished a 2,005 piece puzzle as he reflects on the Toman split.

Takemichi is informed of the latest events

Takemichi’s friends—Atsushi, Takuya, Yamagishi, and Suzuki—come to visit him, talking about the recent conflict with Moebius. He asks them if Mikey and Draken have been fighting, and they tell him they are but it’s nothing serious. At this point, Draken enters the room and they sit around and talk about how Pah won’t be released from prison for at least a year, and that Osanai is still alive.

When Takemichi asks about Mikey, Draken slams his fist down, destroying the puzzle Takemichi worked on for three days, and declares before leaving that he’s going to sever connections with Mikey.

Takemichi finds himself between Mikey and Draken's fight

Outside, they bump into Mikey who had been on his way to visit with Takemichi as well, and he and Draken begin arguing and physically fighting, throwing around Takemichi’s belongings. After they have destroyed many of his precious things, Takemichi, angered, orders them to stop.

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