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What was been left is the one hundred seventy-sixth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Izana saves Kakucho

Kisaki shocked

After shooting Kakucho, Kisaki remarks that his plans are always ruined by Takemichi; because he could no longer use Mikey, he used Izana instead. However, this time, Kakucho thwarted his plans. When Kakucho lunges at Kisaki, Kisaki fires his gun, telling Kakucho to die. Unexpectedly, Izana leaps in front of the stream of bullets, protecting Kakucho, to everyone's shock, including Kisaki, who falls to the ground in surprise.

Izana tells Kakucho he is the only he has

Lying on the ground, Kakucho asks Izana what he is doing; next to him, Izana tells him that his body moved on its own. As he is dying, Izana says he wants to tell Mikey something. He remarks that Tenjiku has lost; Kakucho tells him that he does not have to say it, as he has already announced it.[1]

Crying, Kakucho asks why Izana protected him, as he is worthless while Izana is a king who wanted to build a new era. Izana corrects him, telling Kakucho that it was their era; smiling, he says that Kakucho is the only person he has.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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