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Déracinée is the one hundred seventy-seventh chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Izana confronts Shinichiro

As everyone reacts in shock to the gunshots, Mucho asks for an ambulance. Izana asks Mikey if he wanted to save him.[1] Mikey responds saying that he did, as Izana is his brother. Izana says he once met the mother that abandoned him. When he asked her why she left him, she revealed that he is not her son. Instead, he was her ex-husband's child that he had with a Filipino woman; his father was killed by thugs. When Izana learned this, he lashed out at Shinichiro,[2] who had told him they were brothers.[3] Shinichiro asks why it matters, as their relationship with each other should not change. Screaming at him to shut up, Izana asks why Shinichiro found him, as he has always been endlessly lonely. With Shinichiro as his brother, he thought the happiness that came with the fact could alleviate his loneliness.

Izana reveals he is unrelated

Izana reveals to Mikey that he is not blood-related to anyone, to everyone's shock. Crying, he tells Mikey that there is no way to save him. He utters Emma's name before he dies. Upon seeing Izana motionless, Kakucho cries.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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