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Paradise lost is the one hundred seventy-eighth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Kakucho cries as it snows

Upon seeing Izana motionless, Kakucho breaks down. Grasping Izana's hand, he tells Izana that he will not be alone in death, as he will be joining him soon. He remarks that they lived great lives. Looking up into the sky, Kakucho realizes that it is snowing, causing him to remember his and Izana's childhood together.

Kakucho and Izana vow to create a new era

Young Izana and Kakucho rush out the doors of the institution, marveling at the freshly piled snow. After Izana breaks the rules of their snowball fight and accidentally destroys his snowman, Kakucho storms off to play by himself. Izana convinces him to stay, and they build a snow fort together. When they finish, Izana says that it will be their kingdom's castle. Nestling inside, Izana draws out a plan to create their kingdom. He will be the king, while his servant, Kakucho, will fight for their kingdom. This kingdom will be a haven for orphans like themselves. He tells Kakucho they cannot afford to lose now, and Kakucho happily agrees.

As they lie in the snow, Kakucho asks what their kingdom will be named, Izana draws from the novel Journey to the West, dubbing their kingdom "Tenjiku". The two of them vow to create a great era. Kakucho tearfully remembers this as he lies next to Izana's body, mirroring his flashback.

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