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Rechange is the eighteenth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Takemichi yells at Mikey and Draken for their selfishness

Takemichi swings at Mikey after being annoyed that Draken and he were throwing around his things while they argued. Mikey dodges and Takemichi winds up toppling into a pile of garbage. When he stands, he becomes emotional and starts yelling at the two of them for destroying things and not caring about the people around them.

At the end of his speech, Mikey comments that Takemichi has poop stuck in his hair, and the serious atmosphere disappears as everybody laughs.

Draken and Mikey reconcile

Later, Draken and Mikey apologize to one another, and Mikey says that he forgot why they were even fighting when Takemichi asks about it. Takemichi comes to an understanding that Mikey wanted to help Pah-Chin and Draken didn’t want Pah’s decision to turn himself in to the police to be in vain.

Mikey says that they should have a huge party when Pah is released, and Takemichi realizes he’s stopped Draken and Mikey from fighting, and so that means Draken won’t die on August 3rd.

Hina and Emma show up where all of the boys are gathered and Hina asks Takemichi if he’ll go with her to a festival on the 3rd, which he agrees to.

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