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It's been real is the one hundred eighty-sixth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Draken apologizes at Emma's funeral

Within the Sano Residence, a funeral for Emma Sano is being held. The air is heavy, and Toman's members and some of Emma's classmates sit in respectful silence. Takemichi notes that Mikey remained stoic. Paying his respects to Mikey and Emma's grandfather, Draken confesses that he loved Emma, apologizing for being unable to protect her. Her grandfather remarks he is sure that Emma is resting well, prompting Draken to sob in grief. In turn, various Toman members sob as well.

Inupi and Kokonoi part ways

As he leaves the funeral, Inupi comes across Kokonoi, who tells him that they are parting ways, as he can no longer support Inupi. They thank each other for the time they spent together before bidding farewell.

Kakucho makes a grave for Izana

Kakucho visits the institution where he and Izana met, looking at the individual locations that he spent time with Izana.[1] Outside, he builds a makeshift grave for Izana, reminiscent of the one he made for his parents when they first met.[2] Walking away, he tells Izana to rest well. Kisaki and Hanma are deemed guilty for the deaths of Emma[3] and Izana.[4] While Kisaki is dead, Hanma continues living as a fugitive, remarking that life is getting boring again. Looking out into the sea, Mikey remarks that he has made a decision.

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