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This article is about the manga chapter. For the anime episode of the same name, see Episode 2.

Resist is the second chapter of the first volume and the second chapter overall of the Tokyo卍Revengers manga series, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui.


Naoto hypothesizes to Takemichi that his ability is the power to go back exactly 12 years from the present to the past. Takemichi internally remarks about the apparent lack of common sense Naoto displays.

Naoto spends two days cramming Takemichi information about the Tokyo Manji Gang at his house, meaning it is now July 6, 2017. Because Takemichi's ability can only make him go exactly 12 years back, Naoto comments how they can't wait 12 years since the festival because it would too risky and if they missed it, they would lose any chance of saving her. He tells Takemichi to get back again in time to his middle school years and meet with the top two Toman members, Manjiro Sano and Tetta Kisaki, to prevent them from ever meeting, as Naoto claims they are the reason the evil Toman exists.

Takemichi successfully goes back in time.

Takemichi understands, but wonders how he could activate his power and Naoto explains he has figured out the timeleap "trigger." Naoto explains that when they shook hands 12 years ago, he felt present Takemichi disappear from the past Takemichi's body, so he believes shaking hands is the trigger. He ponders that the reason he is now a part of Takemichi's power is because he was saved by the latter. Naoto tells him that Sano and Kisaki met in August of 2005 and then shakes hands with Takemichi.

The next moment, Takemichi finds himself in a brawl with another student, being cheered on by other students. Takemichi, as he is completely confused, checks his phone and sees that it is now July 6, 2005, meaning he has successfully traveled back in time. His opponent then punches and knocks him out. When he wakes up later, he is scolded for getting knocked out in one punch as people were betting money on him. Kiyomasa remarks that it is a pity, as he had gathered so many spectators only for Takemichi to get taken out so easily, so he tells one of his underlings to beat Takemichi as punishment. This makes Takemichi remember that his life used to be living hell and was the reason for why he ran away later.

Kiyomasa brutally beats Takemichi for mentioning Sano's name.

Kiyomasa and his subordinates start to leave, but Takemichi asks if he can meet Sano and Kisaki, as they are in Toman. It becomes deadly silent, until the silence is broken when Kiyomasa asks for his bat and starts beating Takemichi so brutally that even the subordinates become nervous. When Takemichi wakes up again, it is already 8:02 at night. Kiyomasa tells him to never say Sano's name again or he will kill him. Takemichi gets scared, thinking that he won't be able to meet Sano or Kisaki and will just end up dead. He laments that even if a loser like he got a second chance, he still wouldn't be able to do anything. He starts to despair and goes to young Naoto to shake his hand in order to go back to the present.

As Takemichi waits in front of Naoto's apartment, he starts to question himself if he was running away just like the first time. Hinata appears, prompting Takemichi to ask why she is there. She replies that she lives there and scolds him for getting in a fight again. She wonders why boys always fight and that if she were a boy, she would protect Takemichi instead. As he hears that, Takemichi answers that he would also protect her and accidentally calls her "Hina" in the process. He realizes his "mistake," but Hinata merely blushes. She then accepts his resolve to protect her, but maintains that she would be a better protector while teasingly calling him a "crybaby." Takemichi, in his embarrassment, tries to explain that it was only one time and tells her to forget it, but she refuses, stating she will always remember it. After they say their goodbyes, Takemichi becomes emotional again after remembering Hinata's cheerful face. He renews his resolve to change the past and save her.

Takemichi challenges Kiyomasa to a brawl.

On the next day, Takemichi's group gathers in the bathroom and Atsushi tells them that today's fighter in the underground ring will be Takuya. The group expresses opposition, as Takuya isn't good at fighting, but Atsushi sighs and says that it can't be helped as it is Kiyomasa's orders. The group then gives moral support to Takuya, who tells Takemichi he will avenge his loss from yesterday. As the other four leave, Takemichi stands back, thinking how honored he is to have such great friends.

In the fighting ring, Takuya will be facing Kojima from Sakura Middle School, and the odds are four to six in Kojima's favor. But, before the fight starts, Takemichi intervenes, saying that it is boring to have the same kind of fights. Instead, he proposes a king vs slave fight, challenging Kiyomasa in a one-on-one fight, which shocks everyone. He knows that if he does not overcome this obstacle, he will never reach his goal. The air is tense as Kiyomasa and Takemichi stare down each other.

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