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Revolt is the twenty-first chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


As he’s going to track down Kiyomasa, Takemichi runs into Mitsuya and tells him that Draken is going to be attacked. Mitsuya tells him that he already knows, but while Takemichi is convinced that Kiyomasa is the one that’s going to do it, Mitsuya says that it’s actually Peh-Yan. Even though Mikey and Draken had resolved their conflict thanks to Takemichi, Peh is still unhappy about Pah’s arrest and how nothing was done about it, thinking that Toman abandoned Pah.

Peh approaches Draken

Peh approaches Draken and Emma, and Draken is also ambushed from behind. Takemichi recalls the Naoto of the present day saying that Draken was killed in a brawl in a parking lot, and leads Mitsuya there where they find Draken has taken down a lot of the Moebius members who had attacked him, but has been heavily injured in the process.

Draken exhausted from his previous fights

Mitsuya and Emma call out to Peh, calling him a coward for coming after Draken with an entire gang like this, and Draken tells Mitsuya to take care of the rest of Moebius for him.

As Takemichi realizes that Kiyomasa isn’t around and that he’s going to be made to fight against the Moebius members, Draken points out that the sound in the distance is Mikey approaching on his CB250T bike.

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