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Living legends is the two hundred thirteenth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Senju Kawaragi stands face to face with South Terano, with the latter acknowledging the former. At this moment, Shion Madarame decides to intervene, challenging Senju. Senju has no idea who he is, and Shion starts to introduce himself, but is knocked out in a single punch by someone, reminiscent to what happened during the Kanto Incident.

That person admonishes Shion for soiling the good name of Black Dragon, and Seishu Inui introduces him to be a founding member and former captain of the legendary gang, Keizo Arashi, also known as Benkei. Benkei loudly tells Senju that the mission today is to recruit Takemichi Hanagaki, not start a fight, to which Senju apathetically complains that he is too loud.

Benkei makes his appearance

Kakucho decides to move, running towards Benkei and slugging him several meters, then proceeds to invite Takemichi to Rokuhara Tandai. Takeomi Akashi is impressed by Kakucho's strength, and Terano agrees with a grin.

Waka makes his appearance

However, Akashi calls toward a person he calls Waka, and a mysterious long-haired figure silently appears behind Kakucho, startling him.

The figure casually disregards Kakucho, claiming that he would have been dead if he cared enough. Inui gravely introduces the long-haired man as Wakasa Imaushi, who is also a founder and former captain of Black Dragon. Along with Akashi, who is known as the "God of War," the three fought alongside the revered Shinichiro Sano. As Brahman's top brass gather, Inui remarks that these "living legends" have gathered under Senju Kawaragi, alluding to his strength.

Brahman's Top Brass Assemble

Ken Ryuguji breaks the moment by dismissing these comments lauding the Black Dragon founders. He directly challenges Terano to finish the fight that they started, remarking how long it has been that he has been this excited.

Draken challenges Terano

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