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A sense of foreboding is the fourth chapter of the 25th volume and the 219th chapter overall of the Tokyo卍Revengers manga series, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui.


Senju brings Takemichi to an amusement park for their "date"; Takemichi remarks that he was expecting a serious occasion. As they enter the park, Senju is awestruck by the dazzling lights, adding that she has not been there since sixth grade. When Takemichi asks why she is still clad in her Brahman uniform, Senju explains that the uniform is more comfortable.

Senju excited at the amusement park

As they go on various rides, from a Ferris wheel to a merry-go-around, Senju displays her innocent, childlike wonder. Watching her, Takemichi reflects on his disbelief that someone like her can also start a war between the Three Deities, once again wondering about her mentality.

Senju explains Brahman's plans

Side-by-side on a rollercoaster, Senju tells Takemichi her plan for next week: he and Draken will face Mikey's Kanto Manji Gang, while she and Akashi will defeat Rokuhara Tandai. She is confident in her strength, explaining that she can take on both gangs alone. Just as she expresses her desire to become Japan's top delinquent, the roller coaster drops, much to Takemichi's terror. Senju is unfazed, continuing to explain her plan of expanding Brahman. However, she says that Akashi has changed; he is fixated on growing Brahman instead of strengthening it. Oblivious to a nauseous Takemichi, Senju explains that the gang's expansion will lead to the involvement of unsatisfiable people. As they experience another descent, Senju tells a terrified Takemichi that the defeat of the other gangs will help with Akashi's and Brahman's goals.

Senju promises to protect Takemichi

After they finish the ride, Senju notices a tanzaku. Peering at his wish to defeat Mikey, Senju playfully remarks that it is boring. She then reveals her wish: to protect Takemichi. As Takemichi reflects on Senju's straightforward disposition, Senju confesses that this is a first for her before asking Takemichi to be friends. Smiling, Takemichi agrees and promises to protect Senju in return. Although Senju responds that she is strong enough without Takemichi's protection, she shakes his hand, showing her appreciation.

Takemichi's second vision of Senju

As their hands touch, Takemichi gets a vision of an injured Senju in his arms again.[1] She smiles, telling Takemichi that she has fulfilled her promise. This time, the vision is clearer in depicting the setting as an amusement park. While Takemichi thinks about his visions, Senju remarks that it has begun raining.

Inupi warns Draken

At his bike shop, Draken peers outside to comment on the summer rain. Just then, Inupi rides up frantically. He reveals that Rokuhara Tandai is on its way to attack Takemichi.

Meanwhile, Takemichi tries piecing together the meaning of his vision. Noting his current setting in the amusement park, the rain, and Senju's promise, he realizes his vision of the day's approaching events. Senju beckons him to join him to shelter from the rain.

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