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Free-for-all is the first chapter of the 26th volume and the 225th chapter overall of the Tokyo卍Revengers manga series, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui.


The Three Deities face each other

Takemichi stares at Mikey in shock. The Kanto Manji Gang rides up behind their leader. As the three gangs face each other, South and Akashi prepare to fight, with Akashi declaring the battle in Draken's honor. South loudly proclaims the start of the War of the Three Deities. Meanwhile, Sanzu orders the Kanto Manji Gang to kill their opponents.

As the gangs begin fighting, Akashi makes his disdain for Kanto Manji Gang clear, accusing them of abandoning Draken. Takemichi and Senju watch in panic; Senju tries to reason with Brahman, telling them not to allow their emotions to overwhelm them, but to no avail.

Koko and Mikey watch and discuss the fight

From a distance, Mikey and Koko watch. Koko remarks his surprise at Mikey's inaction in the fight, asking him about his apathy. Mikey appears confused about what Koko is referring to.[1]

Waka stops Senju

South calls for his top fighters (former members of Tenjiku) to defeat Brahman before facing Kanto Manji Gang, as Akashi is showing a rare, furious side of himself. Meanwhile, Akashi fights his way towards South, defeating many Rokuhara Tandai members. From the sidelines, Senju implores her brother to calm down. As she rushes to stop him, Waka blocks her. He reminds Senju of the gravity of the situation, as it has become fatal, resulting in Draken's death. Before joining the fight with Benkei, Waka tells Takemichi to take care of Senju, referring to her as "Brahman's princess".

Benkei and Waka fight South

South faces Brahman's top

Getting closer to South, Takeomi demands to know why he killed Draken, revealing that he was not a formal member of Brahman. As he shouts at South, two Rokuhara Tandai members restrain Akashi. Just as South prepares to punch the defenseless Akashi, Benkei appears, blocking his strike. He remarks that South's punch is weak despite his size; behind him, Waka leaps through the air, landing a kick on South's head. As Waka lands upright, he tells South that he is fighting with Brahman's top brass: him, Benkei, and Akashi. South zealously declares his excitement to face the First Generation of Black Dragon.

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