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Reseek is the twenty-third chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Mikey reconciles with Peh

As the fight begins, Takemichi is determined to protect Draken, despite the unexpected developments, and looks for him. Amid all the fighting, Mikey confronts Peh, questioning why he attacked Draken. Peh reiterates his anger at Pah's perceived abandonment and tells Mikey to fight him back. Mikey reminds Peh of the situation's seriousness, from Pah's arrest to Toman's potential split.

Takemichi reacts to finding Draken

He thinks of his personal selfishness, which Takemichi has caused him to reflect on. Telling Peh to beat him until he is satisfied, Mikey tells Peh that he does not want to fight and asks him to rejoin Toman. As Peh and Mikey reconcile, Takemichi finds Draken on the ground, right after Kiyomasa stabs him.

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