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Revoke is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Takemichi carries Draken

Takemichi realizes Draken's serious injury at the hands of Kiyomasa, and Mikey orders him to take care of Draken while the fight with Moebius continues. While Takemichi attempts to carry Draken to the hospital, Emma and Hina inform him that they called an ambulance. As they wait for the ambulance in an alleyway, Kiyomasa's group suddenly shows up.

Takemichi stands against Kiyomasa's group

Takemichi briefly considers running away, and despite his stab wound, Draken tells him to leave with Emma and Hina. This order reminds Takemichi of his goals of saving those he cares for; his determination is renewed, motivating him to stand against Kiyomasa.

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