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"Squaring off against" is the ninth chapter of the 29th volume and the 260th chapter overall of the Tokyo卍Revengers manga series, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui.


Inupi warns Taiju (manga)

Inupi warns Taiju

Benkei punches Taiju as Wakasa kicks him. Takemichi notices that they are not of equal fight and that Taiju is losing, but he is told to not interfere because he needs to focus on Mikey. As Takemichi flees, Taiju charges at Benkei and Wakasa once more. Koko remarks that Taiju is losing against them while Inupi warns him to be careful.

Taiju says it is Takemichi's turn (manga)

Taiju says it is Takemichi's turn

Senju appears behind the two and tells them that Benkei and Wakasa plan to finish Taiju off with a technique she once witnessed them use back at a dojo, but their opponent lived due to the dojo mats. She then yells at them to stop but they charge at Taiju nonetheless. Fortunately, Taiju stops their attack and plunges them to the ground after reprimanding them for a dispute they had with Koko and Inupi, who were once his subordinates. Taiju wins against them and Senju is amazed. He then looks on at Takemichi and states that it is his turn to fight.

Takemichi reaches Mikey and instructs him to descend the freight container. Once on the ground, he and Takemichi face each other.

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