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Revenge is the thirty-third chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


A truck crashes in Hina

Akkun's dying words

A car drives into Naoto's parked car, which Hina is sitting in. Horrified, Takemichi rushes towards the crash. The driver of the car turns out to be a gravely injured Akkun, who asks Takemichi why he is not in the car, the same thing Hanma said[1]. Akkun says the same things as he did during his previous encounter with Takemichi in the future,[2] wondering when things when wrong, how he came to fear Kisaki, and implores Takemichi to save everyone, as Takemichi screams in despair, as the events turned out the same. Akkun's car explodes, and Takemichi rushes to Hina, who is still alive.

Takemichi confesses his love

As Takemichi attempts to get Hina out of the car to escape the impending fire from the explosion, she thanks him. Takemichi tells her that they do not have time to talk, as the car will explode soon. However, Hina has lost all feeling in her legs due to the crash. Crying, Takemichi crawls into the car, hugging Hina and confessing that he has and will always love her. Hina replies that she is glad to hear that and tells him to leave the car, as she does not want him to die with her, which Takemichi refuses to do. Feeling the approaching fire, Hina pushes Takemichi away, smiling at him before the car explodes and implodes into flames.

Takemichi swears to save Hina

As the fire roars in front of him, Takemichi swears to save Hina and find a future where she is alive, no matter how many attempts it takes. He resolves to become the top member of Toman in order to do this.

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