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Relieve is the 4th chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Mikey glances at Kiyomasa and approaches him asking if he is the one responsible for organizing the matches. Kiyomasa replies that he is responsible. Hearing this, Mikey then lands a front kick on Kiyomasa and proceeds to punch his face causing Kiyomasa to lose consciousness and fall to the ground. Mikey, together with Draken, leaves the scene saying that fighting rings are stupid. Draken, on the other hand, tells the others not to ruin Toman's reputation. Mikey then bids goodbye to Takemichi.

Akkun giving thanks to Takemichi.

After the people dispersed, Yamagishi and Makoto then tells Takemichi that what he did was cool, even making Mikey get to like him. Processing what happened, Takemichi panics and ponders about the thought that he became Kiyomasa's slave into a monster toy. Makoto and Yamagishi proceeds to jokingly re-enact the scene to which Takemichi and his friends just laugh about it. Meanwhile, Akkun reveals to Takemichi that he is originally going to get a weapon and go after Kiyomasa himself because they were gonna be slaves and he had no choice but to kill him. Akkun then thanks Takemichi for holding against Kiyomasa, preventing them to become their slaves.

Mikey and Draken visit Takemichi in his school.

The next day on the way to school, he encounters Hinata to which she suggests for them to go on a date before their cram school starts. At the classroom, Takemichi recalls what Naoto said to him about preventing the top 2 of Toman to meet in the past and tells himself that he met Mikey by coincidence and he doesn't have any idea what to do next. Suddenly, he is shocked to see Mikey enter the classroom together with Draken. Takemichi then sees the hallway full of knocked-out third years. Draken then orders the third years to lie down and proceeds to walk over them with Mikey.

Nearing the exit of the school, Draken asks how Takemichi has been doing. Mikey also tells Takemichi to hang out with him. The scene cause the students to gather and look at what was happening. Takemichi then decides that it might be a chance for him to get close to Mikey and keeping him from meeting Tetsuta Kisaki. Suddenly, Hinata appears and walks towards Mikey and slaps him.

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