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One for all is the sixty-third chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga). Much of the chapter is a flashback, with Mikey recalling the formation of Toman


The founding members drive to the shrine

Two years ago, as Baji is driving Mikey on his motorcycle, to meet up at Musashi Shrine, the two talk about their school life, which Baji considers boring, and Mikey responds that Baji would not be bored if he was there. Mikey compliments Baji's bike, and Baji proudly proclaims it as the best bike in Tokyo. Just as they stop for traffic, Draken pulls up next to them, saying that his bike is the best in Japan. Mitsuya joins suddenly them, countering that his bike is the best in the world; finally, Kazutora appears, telling them that his bike is the best in the universe. They continue to bicker and tease each other, comparing the rate of their puberty. The traffic light changes, and Pah-chin appears, riding past them. He insists that his bike is the best, telling the rest to stop talking about stupid, trivial things, and to race him to the shrine. The rest of the gang are fired up by this; meanwhile, Mikey has fallen asleep on Baji's bike.

The founding members discuss Black Dragon

Mikey announces the gang name

Because Baji has to carry a sleeping Mikey up the shrine stairs, he ends up in last place, which the others tease him about. Mikey wakes up, as he had intended to make an announcement to the others. He mentions the Black Dragons, which are an older, more brutal gang. Mikey asks Kazutora, who lives in the Black Dragons' territory, why he did not ask his friends for help in fighting the Black Dragons, a gang Mikey plans to fight. Just then, Baji proposes an idea: they should form their own gang. He has already planned the positions as well: the confident and strong Mikey as leader, the dependable Draken as vice-leader, the pacifist Mitsuya as commander of the elite guard, the powerful Pah-chin as banner-carrier, and Kazutora and himself as the attack unit. Mikey says that he has already decided on a name for the gang, the Tokyo Manjiro Gang, a name the others designate as lame, much to Mikey's chagrin.

Baji decides Toman's ideals

The members tell Mikey that they will devote themselves to Mikey's goal of creating a new age for delinquents. Mikey asks Baji what type of gang he envisions, and Baji replies that he desires a gang that puts their lives on the line for each other. After, they buy charms from the shrine to celebrate their newly formed gang.

Mikey apologizes to Baji's body

In the present, Mikey reveals the origin of the charm, explaining that Baji created Toman and its founding values. Takemichi realizes that Baji was fighting to uphold these ideals through his actions. Mikey tearfully apologizes to Baji's body for straying from these ideals, as the rest of Toman weeps.

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