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Releap is the 9th chapter of the Tokyo卍Revengers (Manga).


Sometime after meeting with Naoto, Takemichi returns to work at the video store and is told by his manager, Hasegawa, that he's fired for taking two unauthorized weeks off of work. Takemichi recalls Naoto saying that time passes in the present while he's stuck in the past.

Down on his luck after seeing how little money he has, Takemichi goes to visit Naoto again. He asks what Naoto thinks about telling the Hina of the past about the future and Naoto expresses disapproval, stating that Hina may find Takemichi strange and end up hating him if she doesn’t believe what he’s saying. He tells Takemichi that the only reason he believed him as a child was because he happened to be interested in the paranormal at that time, and that the only way Takemichi can save Hina is to go back to the past and do something about Toman.

Takemichi states that he wishes Draken were alive because he understood Mikey better than anyone and maybe Toman wouldn’t have become dangerous if he were still around to prevent Kisaki’s rise to power at Mikey’s side.

Naoto tells Takemichi to save Draken

Naoto tells him that he’s done research into Draken’s death and discovered that he was stabbed and killed on August 3rd, 2005 during a brawl with a motorcycle gang from Shibuya. The conflict was believed to be between the split factions of Toman, those who supported Mikey, and those who supported Draken.

Takemichi wakes up with Emma on him

Takemichi, not believing that Mikey and Draken would be fighting, resolves to look into other reasons the brawl may have started. Naoto tells him that it is currently July 19th and that he has two weeks to find the cause of the infighting and put a stop to it.

Takemichi resolves to save Draken and shakes Naoto’s hand, time-leaping back to the past. He comes to in a dark room with a weight on his chest and realizes there is an unknown girl on top of him.

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