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Choji Ahane (亜波根 チョウジ 'Ahane Chōji'?) is one of Valhalla's Captains and Kisaki's cronies.


Choji has dyed blonde hair and his eyes are black, along with his eyebrows. He is always seen wearing a black mask.


Choji is silent and always serious about things. He is seemingly completely loyal to Kisaki, obeying his every command. He also fights dirty, attacking an enemy while they are injured, like what he did to Manjiro Sano when he fell to his knees, although it was also on Kisaki's orders.


Not much is known about him aside the fact he has, presumably, been along side Kisaki during his time at Moebius.

Skills and Abilities


  • Choji: Cho would be an abbreviation for "Chocho", which in Japan is butterfly and Ji is just a nominal ending.
  • Ahane: Is the mixture of various elements of nature. 'Ah' means 'second', 'Ha' Means 'Waves' and 'Ne' is 'Root' in Japanese.