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Reborn is the 1st episode of the 1st season and the 1st episode overall of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime series.


Takemichi Hanagaki is a worthless part-time worker who is down in the dumps. One day, he learns that his ex-girlfriend from middle school, Hinata Tachibana, and her younger brother were casualties of a gang dispute initiated by the Tokyo Manji Gang. As he ponders about his banal life, he is suddenly pushed off the Shinjuku station platform and lands on the railroad tracks. Takemichi prepares to die while the train comes close, but the next thing he knows, he is transported twelve years back in time to the year 2005.

Presupposing that he is merely envisioning a realistic series of flashbacks before his death, Takemichi journeys with his childhood friends from Mizo Middle Five in fighting off Masataka Kiyomizu's gang to which they hopelessly lose against. Out of curiosity, he then visits the Tachibana family's residence to meet Hina's past self. After a brief exchange with her that brought him to tears, Takemichi leaves the apartment complex and rescues her younger brother Naoto from a group of bullies in the neighborhood park. Takemichi warns Naoto of the dangerous fate that he and Hina are destined to meet in twelve years' time, and shares a handshake with him that transports him back to the present. Back in the year 2017, Takemichi meets Naoto in the train station's medical office, who reveals that he had successfully changed the future by saving him from the incident. However, Hina remains deceased.


Takemichi watching the news

While lying around and eating snacks, Takemichi hears on the news that conflict in Tokyo Manji Gang led to civilian casualties, including Naoto Tachibana and Hinata Tachibana. That surprises Takemichi as that was his only girlfriend in middle school. A neighbor knocks on his door, complaining that his TV is too loud and Takemichi apologizes. At work, his manager also complains that she told him numerous times he needs to put the returned DVD back to shelves and Takemichi again apologizes. Walking home, he sees some kids that decide to mess with him and scratch a car and then run, leaving Takemichi to take the blame. Standing on the train station, Takemichi complains how bad his life turned, having to apologize for everything and still being a virgin. As the train comes, someone pushes him on the tracks and moments before he gets hit, he remembers Hinata.

Masataka's gang arrives

Takemichi recalls his time in the second year of middle school, where he had the best life and even a girlfriend. He awakens in the train and see his old school friends Makoto, Yamagishi, Akkun and Takuya calling him to leave the train. He sees himself in a mirror and realizes he has his lame look during the middle school. Checking his phone, he sees its July 4th, 2005, which is exactly 12 years ago. He goes to a restaurant with his friends where they eat burgers, but Takemichi only orders fries as he needs money for the train. They comment they are happy that Takemichi's cousin, Masaru, is the leader of Shibuya Third Middle School and if some third years try to mess with them, they will just drop his name. Takemichi wonders what they mean and Makoto explains they are going to fight with the second years of Shibuya Third Middle School as they have issues with them. On their way, Takemichi starts to recall they indeed went and fought with the second years, but gets scared as he haven't fought in ten years.

Takemichi beaten up.

They reach Shibuya, but everyone they talk with is either a first or third year and start to wonders if the second years are just avoiding them. Takemichi starts to recall the actual events that occurred and in that moment, some third years led by Masataka Kiyomizu appear. Masataka comments he heard they are looking for their second years, but all the second years are on a school trip. Yamagishi states they talked with their boss Masaru, which causes one of the third years to laugh and call Masaru. He then orders him to go and buy them drinks from his own money. As Masaru goes, Takemichi recalls that Masaru was actually their errand boy and had lied him that he was the leader as he was trying to show off in front of him. Takemichi and the rest then get beaten up and informed they will be now soldiers in the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi recalls that how their hellish days started and the reason he left the town after graduation.

Takemichi crying after leaving Hinata's place

Takemichi recalls Hinata and while they are walking home, he leaves his friends and goes to her place as he had even forgotten how she looks. Seeing him beaten, Hinata realizes he had fought again and tells him to stop fighting for stupid things. Seeing her, Takemichi starts to cry and attempts to leave, telling her that he only wanted to see her. Hinata realizes he is hiding something as he isn't his usual self. After a short talk, he leaves crying and sits on some swings. He hears some guys harassing a younger kid and gets angry. He goes and punches one, then takes and breaks a bottle, telling them he is in a shitty mood and if they don't leave, he will kill them, and the guys leave while apologizing.

Takemichi tells Naoto's future

The kid thanks him and Takemichi gives him an advice to be more confident and not back down, which will scare off the half-assed punks. The boy says his name is Naoto Tachibana, making Takemichi realize he is Hinata's younger brother. Knowing that he will also die in 12 years, Takemichi asks him if he loves his sister. Naoto blushes, but states he doesn't as she bosses him around. Takemichi then tells him to take care of his sister and that he loves her. Takemichi reveals that on the same day in 2017, he fell into the train tracks and ended up 12 years in the past. He reveals that on July 1st, 2017, Hinata and Naoto will die, so he must remember that date and protect his sister. Takemichi then shakes Naoto's hand.

Naoto tells Takemichi that his sister still died.

Takemichi wakes up in the infirmary at the station and sees its July 4th, 2017. He guesses this was just a dream, but then wonders how he survived the train incident without a scratch. The one who saved his life shows up and wishes to speak with Takemichi. The man reveals he is Naoto and Takemichi had changed his fate and that Takemichi had time traveled. With the information he told him in the past, Naoto was able to save him. Naoto reveals he studied really hard and became a police officer, however, he still wasn't able to protect Hinata, who still died. Naoto then asks Takemichi to help him save his sister.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Takemichi is the one who scratches the car with a coin.[1] However, in the anime, it was a group of kids who did it to frame Takemichi.
  • The group is eating in a fast food restaurant while talking about taking on some second-years. However, in the manga, they did not eat at a fast food restaurant.[1]


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