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Once upon a time is the 16th episode of the 1st season and the 16th episode overall of the Tokyo Revengers anime series.


2 years ago, Manjiro, Ken, Keisuke, Takashi, Pah-chin, and Kazutora had their gang uniforms made and they all took a trip to Kanagawa on their motorcycles. Meanwhile, their commander Manjiro rode his moped, Street Hawk. They get surrounded by a local biker gang, but Manjiro shows no fear and tells the older gang members that he'll kill them if they lay a finger on his Street Hawk.


In 2003, the newly formed Tokyo Manji Gang enjoys life and drive their bikes, but Manjiro is too slow with his moped and makes them ride slowly waiting for him. Ken and the rest complain about Manjiro's moped, but Manjiro acts like its a CB250T Street Hawk. A older biker gang stops next to them and mocks them for never hearing about them. One of them decides to wreck Manjiro's moped, but Manjiro gives him a cold look stating that he will kill him if he scratches his moped, which ends up scaring the guy. The gang then leaves, threatening to crush them next time if they see them. Ken and the rest are fine fighting the gang, but blame Manjiro for the trouble.

Manjiro wants someone else to go for gas

The gang continue their ride disappointed they didn't fight. Manjiro's moped stops and he realizes he is out of gas. Ken blames him for not thinking ahead as they told him they were going to drive far off. Ken states they will be waiting Manjiro at the beach, but Manjiro tries to play it as its Toman's problem and wants a rock-paper-scissor to decide who will go for gas. Keisuke Baji ends up loosing and takes Manjiro's moped to a gas station, while the rest head to the beach. Ken and Takashi decide to race who will first get to open water and return. Kazutora notices that Manjiro is missing.

Keisuke protecting Manjiro's moped

Keisuke is unable to find a gas station, however, he meets the biker gang from earlier. They decide to keep their promise and wish to burn the moped. They first beat Keisuke and attempt to break the moped, but Keisuke protects it with his body, telling them to not touch Manjiro's bike or he will kill them. A moment later, Manjiro appears, stating he forgot his swim trunks in his moped. Manjiro then proceeds and kicks his own moped, shocking everyone. He then asks the biker gang how they dare hurting what's important to him. They attempt to tell him that he kicked his own bike, but in an instant Manjiro knocks one of them, revealing his important thing is Keisuke. As he confirms Keisuke is alright, the two of them face the gang.

Kazutora and Keisuke thinking of stealing the bike

August 13, 2003. Kazutora takes Keisuke with him and comments that Manjiro's birthday is coming up soon and they will be getting him a present, a CB250T bike. Reaching the bike shop, Kazutora states they will be stealing it. Keisuke tells him that Manjiro won't be happy getting a stolen one, but Kazutora doesn't intend to let Manjiro know the truth. Keisuke is still against it, but Kazutora manages to convince him as Manjiro will get his dream bike and that will make him happy.

Kazutora attacking Shinichiro

At night, they break into the bike shop. Keisuke still have doubts, but proceeds with Kazutora. They see the bike and realize its not new as it has custom features and is likely there for maintenance. As they cut the chains, Kazutora goes outside to open the shutters. The owner then appears realizing they are trying to rob him. As Keisuke panics and wonders what to do, the owner approaches him and recognizes Keisuke. Keisuke then recognizes Shinichio and wonders what he is doing there, and Shinichiro explains its his shop. Keisuke then sees Kazutora running with a weapon and yells at him to stop, but Kazutora proceeds and hits Shinichiro in the head. Kazutora states he didn't had a choice as he saw their faces, but Keisuke explains this is Manjiro's older brother, which surprises Kazutora. As Shinichiro isn't breathing, Keisuke wonders what to do. While Kazutora panics, Keisuke decides to call an ambulance, however he hears police sirens and tells Kazutora they need to run. Kazutora is in a state of shock and mumbles he did it for Manjiro, so this is Manjiro's fault and thus he needs to kill Manjiro.

The police arrests Kazutora and Keisuke and as they are escorted out, Manjiro shows up and asks Keisuke what is going on. Keisuke starts crying and apologizes to Manjiro, while Kazutora still mumbles he needs to kill Manjiro.

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