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This article is about the anime episode. For the manga chapter of the same name, see Chapter 2.

Resist is the second episode of the first season and the second episode overall of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime series, produced by Liden Films.


Takemichi returns to the present after shaking hands with Naoto and is reunited with Naoto who is now a police officer. Naoto asks Takemichi to go back in time and prevent the two leaders of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Sano Manjiro and Kisaki Tetta from meeting so that they can save Hinata. But what awaited Takemichi when he went back into the past 12 years were days spent as a slave to Kiyomasa, a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang.


Naoto shares his information about Tokyo Manji Gang

Takemichi Hanagaki agrees to help save Hinata Tachibana. Naoto Tachibana explains that his power is time travel and he is able to jump on the exact same day but twelve years ago. Takemichi spends two days without sleep in Naoto's room, where Naoto gives him all the information he had obtained about Tokyo Manji Gang and wants him to remember it. Naoto reveals that some of the information he is giving him, is not known to the media as his predecessor managed to obtain it while investigating undercover, but after he was discovered, he was killed. They found a video recording of his death in his eye socket. Naoto kept requesting transfers until he was finally transferred to his predecessor's position six months ago.

As Takemichi can't go back on any date he wants, Naoto tells him that when he gets back 12 years ago, he needs to meet the Tokyo Manji Gang top two members: Manjiro Sano and Tetta Kisaki. Naoto states that if those two never met, the current Tokyo Manji Gang would never exist and his sister wouldn't have to die. Takemichi wonders how he will go and Naoto mentions that Takemichi told him he went back in present after handshaking Naoto and he believes that's the trigger. Naoto informs Takemichi that Manjiro and Tetta met in August and he must stay close to one of them and prevent them from meeting. They shake hands and Takemichi time travels 12 years ago.

Masataka threatens Takemichi

Takemichi open his eyes and sees he is in a fight, where people had bet on who would win. Takemichi is shocked of where he is and checks his phone to confirm he returned back in time. As he does, his opponent punches and knocks him out. Later Takemichi wakes up and Masataka Kiyomizu's gang is annoyed that he went down only after one punch as they are running a fight club and they may decide to stop coming and betting if there are such fights. Masataka tells his men to teach Takemichi a lesson and they start beating him up. Takemichi recalls the fight club and that he was Masataka's slave, which was eventually the reason he ran away, leaving his friends and Hinata behind. As Masataka and his men were leaving, Takemichi wonders if they are from Tokyo Manji Gang and that he would like to meet Manjiro or Tetta. Masataka gets angry, takes his bat and starts beating Takemichi. Seeing that, his men decide to stop him, before he kills Takemichi. Masataka warns Takemichi that if he mentions Manjiro's name again, he will kill him, which scares Takemichi and he finds it would be impossible to meet anyone.

Hinata blushing for being called Hina

Scared, Takemichi decides to go to Naoto and shake his hand. He forgets that Hinata also lives there and meets her, who is worried that he is beaten up again. Hinata states that if she was a boy, she would have fought and protected Takemichi. Takemichi then states he will protect Hina too, but then realizes he called her "Hina". Hinata blushes, but is happy that he called her that way. After leaving her place, Takemichi thinks that he isn't obligated to save her as in the present they haven't seen or talked for years. But seeing Hinata now, he can't let her die.

Takemichi challenges Masataka

The next day, Takemichi's friends gather in the bathrooms. The fight club fights are starting to become a daily thing. Atsushi Sendo reveals that Takuya Yamamoto will be fighting today. Takemichi recalls that Takuya is quite fragile and he almost died in the fight. The group disagree, but they can't oppose Masataka. Akkun wants to take Takuya's place, but Masataka wouldn't listen. Seeing his friends, Takemichi realizes how much they care for each other, and he realizes how cool they were.

The fight is about to start, Kojima from Sakura Middle School faces Takuya from Mizo Middle School, with odds 6 to 4 in Kojima's favor. Masataka gives a signal to start, but Takemichi interrupts the fight. Takemichi states its boring seeing the same lame matches everyday and wishes for something more entertaining, like a king versus a slave. He goes to Masataka and asks him to fight him.

Characters in order of appearance

Manga and anime differences

  • Yamagishi tries to cheer on Takuya but Takuya stops him due to him not watching his hands after using the toilet. In the manga, this is not the case.[3]


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