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Releap is the 5th episode of the 1st season and the 5th episode overall of the Tokyo Revengers anime series.


Naoto finds out that 12 years ago, the Tokyo Manji Gang had split into the Mikey Faction and the Draken Faction and due to one of their disputes, Draken ends up dying. Despite Naoto telling him this, Takemichi refuses to believe that Mikey and Draken would ever fight and goes back into the past to find out what caused the dispute and to save Draken. Takemichi renews his determination as he goes back in time yet again, but when he opens his eyes, he finds a girl he doesn't know wearing just her underwear looking down on him.


Takemichi goes to work, but Hasegawa informs him that he is fired as he disappeared for two weeks and she ended up taking the blame. Takemichi wonders about his payment and Hasegawa tells him he will receive a deposit soon.

Takemichi wakes up with Emma on him

Takemichi wonders if he should tell past Hinata about the future, but Naoto tells him not to as she may find him crazy and dislike him. Naoto only believed Takemichi's story because he was into occult stuff back then. With Atsushi Sendo dead, they have no other way but to go again in the past. Naoto reads the news reports on Ken Ryuguji's death. On August 3, 2005, he and other 50 people were in a biker gang fight and he ended up being stabbed and died. The reason for the fight was inner strife between Manjiro and Ken's faction. Takemichi find that hard to believe as Ken understands Manjiro more than anyone else. Hearing that, Naoto guesses there is likely more to it. He states that Takemichi's current mission is to save Ken, which will result in Manjiro not changing and Atsushi and Hinata not dying. As they agree on the mission, Takemichi and Naoto shake hands.

Hinata overhears Takemichi

Takemichi opens his eyes to find himself in a karaoke room with a half-naked girl on him. As the room phone rings and she picks it up, Takemichi runs shocked. He realizes his past life had changed, but must not let Hinata know. In that moment, Hinata appears behind him wondering what she must not learn. As she looks at him, she states he has been weird recently and now he looks like the mature Takemichi. On the day of the fireworks, he just ran and have been cold to her since then, but now is kind again. Ken calls Takemichi and tells him to come to Musashi Shrine as they are gathering there and Hinata decides to go with Takemichi.

While heading there, Hinata asks what is important to Takemichi and explains for her its moments like this, where she spends time with him even if they don't talk about important stuff. Takemichi realizes the important thing for him is saving Hinata. As they arrive at the shrine, they see multiple people with bikes and two start yelling at Takemichi to leave as this is Toman gathering. Takemichi tries to explain he was invited, but they don't believe him. Takashi Mitsuya, the 2nd Division Captain, realizes this is Takemichi and scolds the two for scaring the commander's guest. Takashi takes them to Manjiro, who is glad that Takemichi came. Ken comments he shouldn't have taken Hinata with him, but Takemichi explains he didn't knew it was this kind of gathering. Ken then calls Emma and tells her to protect Hinata as she is Takemichi's girlfriend. Takemichi sees Emma is the same girl from the karaoke and she ends up calling him wussy boy, making Hinata wonder what he means and Ken wondering if Takemichi knows Emma. Takemichi states he doesn't remember what happened and Emma states he made her get into her underwear and then ran away. Hinata gets angry and beats up Takemichi and then leaves. Emma is surprised that he went with her, considering he had Hinata, and explains she isn't interested in Takemichi, but just wanted to grow faster, and hoped Ken will get at least a bit angry, but he only cares about Manjiro, bikes and fighting.

Hinata meets Emma

The meeting of Toman starts and Manjiro wants to know the gang opinion on the conflict with Moebius. Pah-chin and Peyan push Takemichi angry for what happened with Masataka Kiyomizu. Takashi tells them they were told to drop the Masataka thing, but Pah-chin states he is stupid and doesn't understand it. Ken then tells them to shut up and tells Takemichi to not hold grudge against Pah-chin as his bud just got in trouble with Moebius and that's what ignited the conflict. Takashi explains that Moebius' leader, Nobutaka Osanai, messed with Pah-chin's bud for something stupid. Nobutaka beat up his bud and raped his girlfriend in front of him, then took his money and hung his parents and siblings. Takashi explains that Toman runs Shibuya, while Moebius - Shinjuku. Manjiro asks Pah-chin what he wants to do. Pah-chin is aware that if they fight, Toman won't go unscathed, but he is really pissed and wish to fight and kill them. Manjiro knew he would say that. He asks everyone if they are scared or think its too much trouble to fight for his bud, but everyone just grins. Manjiro then yells they are gonna crush Moebius on August 3rd, the Musashi Festival.

Manjiro excited about the kids meal

In bed, Takemichi thinks about the situation. He knows from Naoto that on August 3rd, Ken dies during internal conflict in Toman, but now on 3rd they are going to fight Moebius. Unable to think of anything, Takemichi decides to be Ken's bodyguard, but the next day, Ken declines. Takemichi decides to follow Ken. He follows him into a restaurant where he eats with Manjiro, who gets angry for not having a flag in his kid's meal, but Ken pulls one of his pocket and makes Manjiro happy. After eating, Manjiro falls asleep and Ken carries him. Ken takes Manjiro to the hospital, where Pah's bud's girlfriend is, who is unconscious for five days. Her father shows up and yells at them, because his daughter is in this condition due to people like them. Ken bows his head, while Manjiro tells him there is no need as they didn't do anything wrong. As the father keeps yelling and Manjiro getting angry, Ken pushes his head down, telling him to shut up and states they take full responsibility. The father soon starts crying over his daughter and then leaves. Ken tells Manjiro that they will deal with their problems in their own world and that each of their members have important people to them, and they can't let innocent people get dragged into this. Manjiro doesn't need to bow his head, but needs to have a heart that cares for others. Manjiro apologizes and is glad that Ken is by his side. As Takemichi was listening behind the corner, he realizes why Manjiro had changed after Ken's death, but is sure that those two would never fight.

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