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Revive is the 7th episode of the 1st season and the 7th episode overall of the Tokyo Revengers anime series.


Takemichi goes back to the past and tries to stop the upcoming conflict between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Moebius, but Mikey and Pah-chin refuse to change their minds. Meanwhile, Osanai barges in with members of Moebius to launch a surprise attack. Pah-chin challenges Osanai to a one-on-one, but Osanai is two years older than him and beats him to a pulp. Despite this, Mikey doesn't interfere and just keeps watching it happen...


Manjiro faces Nobutaka

Moebius surrounds the Toman members. Looking at Nobutaka Osanai, Takemichi can believe this is the same person he met in the present. Nobutaka then hits Takemichi as he felt he was looking down on him. Pah-chin then interferes and wishes to fight Nobutaka and Manjiro tell the rest to just watch. Nobutaka takes on Pah-chin and easily beats him. Pah-chin apologizes to Manjiro for being worthless, but Manjiro states he didn't lose. While Moebius members mock Manjiro and the rest, Manjiro approaches Nobutaka and knocks him out with a single kick. Manjiro then states that whoever thought that Pah-chin lost to get out of there or he will kill them and as long as he is with Toman, they will never lose to anyone.

Pah-chin stabs Nobutaka

Nobutaka manages to get up and takes a broken bottle, but as he rushes towards Ken and Manjiro, Ken manages to easily stop him. Ken tells Nobutaka that he lost due to losing the delinquent way as he raped a woman and assault someone's parents. Seeing how strong Manjiro and Ken is, the Moebius members start to fear them. Ken then announces that Moebius will be under Tokyo Manji Gang. As they hear the police approaching, everyone runs. Takemichi recalls Nobutaka's words that this was the trigger, but is surprised everything ended so peaceful and wonders if he is missing something. In that moment, Pah-chin stabs Nobutaka in the back, which shocks everyone. Pah-chin apologizes to Manjiro and tells them to run as he intends to turn himself in. While running, Takemichi loses consciousness.

Takemichi wakes up in the hospital with Emma next to him. He wonders about Manjiro and Ken and while crying Emma explains that they ended up fighting due to Pah-chin and Toman is now divided into the Manjiro faction and the Ken faction. While Emma cries over Takemichi's lap, Hinata comes and mistaken the situation.

Ken messing Takemichi's puzzle

Takemichi spends three days at home and as he is bored, he ends up finishing a large puzzle. His friends visit him and tell him that Toman is in bad situation and is likely to split, but then start laughing and explain that Ken and Manjiro fight often. In that moment Ken shows up bringing watermelon and shocks everyone. As they eat it, Ken tells them that Pah-chin will be held for a year and Nobutaka is alive. Takemichi asks about Manjiro, which makes Ken angry and he slams the table, messing up Takemichi's puzzle. Ken states that he is done with Manjiro and Toman is splitting and then leaves.

Takemichi angry at Ken and Manjiro

As Ken leaves Takemichi's home, he sees Manjiro in front and both wonder what the other one is doing there. Both state they are there to see Takemichi, who is their friend. As they continue to argue, Takemichi tries to stop them, which annoys Ken. Manjiro then takes Takemichi's bike and throws it at Ken, who dodges and the bike breaks on the wall. Ken takes a bat that Takemichi scored a homerun and breaks it. As they continue to fight, they continue to break Takemichi precious items as he cries over them. As they break everything and prepare to fight, Takemichi gets angry and tells them to stop.

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