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Rechange is the 8th episode of the 1st season and the 8th episode overall of the Tokyo Revengers anime series.


After the attack initiated by the head of Moebius, Mikey and Draken end up at odds with each other and then go visit Takemichi, who was injured. Takemichi is infuriated when the two of them end up fighting and destroying a bunch of his precious belongings. Akkun and the others try to stop him, but Takemichi ends up in tears, saying how much Toman means to him. His words get to Mikey and Draken and it seems like the mission was a success because of their reconciliation, but...


Takemichi gets angry for Manjiro and Ken breaking his stuff and yells at them to stop. Manjiro and Ken realize they went overboard and didn't even realize when they broke everything. As Takemichi tries to punch Manjiro, he dodges and Takemichi falls into the trash. Ken apologizes and asks Takemichi to calm down. Takemichi explains that they don't care about those around them and their fight will split Toman. Manjiro informs Takemichi that he has shit on his head and then runs away with Ken as Takemichi stinks. Takemichi's friends also run away.

A bit later, after Takemichi washes his hair, he joins Manjiro and Ken, who have made up and apologize for their behavior. Manjiro states he forgot for what they even fought about, but Takemichi guesses its due to Pah-chin as even though he was guilty, Manjiro still wanted to help him, while Ken wanted to honor Pah-chin's resolve.

Takemichi accepts to go to the festival with Hinata

With Manjiro and Ken no longer fighting, Takemichi realizes he changed history and Ken won't die. Hinata and Emma show up and Hinata asks Takemichi if he is free on August 3rd as she wants to go to the festival with him and Takemichi gladly accepts. Emma sees Ken and Manjiro together and realizes they have made up and are no longer fighting.

Takemichi about to kiss Hinata

On August 3rd, Takemichi, Hinata, Emma and Ken go to the festival together. Hinata roots for Emma, knowing that Ken doesn't really get her hints. She knows why Emma was with Takemichi before that, but she still haven't forgiven Takemichi for cheating on her, but will forgive him if he wins her a special prize at the shooting game. Takemichi tries his best and manages to hit the target, but is unable to knock it off and ends up not winning. As it starts to rain, Takemichi and Hinata run to hide under a tree. Hinata's geta is wrong size and she loose balance, but Takemichi manages to catch her. While staying together, Hinata tells him that she forgives him as he tried hard for the reward. Takemichi realizes its a good moment for a kiss and attempts to kiss her, but his phone rings. He is annoyed at Kazushi for calling in that moment, but Kazushi tells him to warn Ken to watch his back as he heard that some that support Manjiro and going after Ken, and even though Ken and Manjiro are good now, some guys from their factions are even more riled up because of that. Takemichi realizes the conflict haven't stopped.

Takemichi tied up by Masataka

Takemichi hangs up the phone and apologizes to Hinata and asks her to wait for him. He goes around looking for Ken, but finds some of Toman members with a Moebius guy, who gives Masataka Kiyomizu a blade and Masataka stating that he will kill Ken. One of Masataka's guys finds Takemichi and brings him to Masataka. Masataka then orders Takemichi to go buy them drinks and he and his gang start beating Takemichi. Takemichi realizes that he have not got stronger, but only believed so as he was around Manjiro and Ken. After beating him up, Masataka ties Takemichi with a duck tape and leaves him.

Hinata kisses Takemichi

Some moments later, Hinata finds tied up Takemichi and removes the duck tape from his mouth. Takemichi starts crying, stating that he tried his best, but in the end he couldn't save anyone. If he was like Manjiro or Ken, he could have beaten them, but as he is worthless, he couldn't do anything. Hinata then kisses him, saying it was her first kiss and she gave it to him as he is special to her. He cries and gets frustrated for others, which makes him the most coolest one. After crying for a bit, Hinata frees Takemichi and he decides to go and stop Masataka.

Takemichi encounters Takashi Mitsuya and informs him that Ken will be attacked, however, Takashi already knows, but is surprised its Masataka and not Peyan. Takashi reveals that Manjiro wanted to pay to free Pah-chin, but Ken was against it. Takashi is surprised that Takemichi managed to stop Manjiro and Ken's fight, even after their captains couldn't, but is thankful to him as that could have split Toman. Takashi states that everyone came to an agreement that they couldn't do anything about Pah-chin, except Peyan. Elsewhere, Peyan finds Ken and Emma.

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