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Revolt is the 9th episode of the 1st season and the 9th episode overall of the Tokyo Revengers anime series.


After receiving some information from Naoto, Takemichi goes to the parking lot where Draken is supposed to die. He finds Draken taking on Moebius all on his own. Takemichi and Mitsuya try to help Draken, but they are overwhelmed by the number of Moebius members. It was then the person behind the "Draken hunting" showed himself.


Ken fighting Moebius

While looking for Ken Ryuguji, Takashi explains that Peyan believes Toman abandoned Pah-chin and teamed up with some Moebius members to take out Ken. Seeing Peyan, Ken knows that he isn't happy with what happened and prepares to fight him, but suddenly a Moebius member attacks him with a bat from behind.

Shuji blocking Manjiro's kick

Takemichi recalls Naoto words about Ken's incident happening on a parking lot and heads towards the parking lot. They find Ken fighting numerous Moebius members. As he is getting tired, he sits on the ground and tells Takashi that he leaves things to him. A moment later, they hear a bike and recognize its Manjiro Sano's. Manjiro gets of his bike and realize he was called somewhere else so that Peyan can be with Ken and break Toman, but wonders who tricked him into doing that. Shuji Hanma reveals himself stating that Manjiro isn't just brawn and introduces himself as the temporary leader of Moebius. Manjiro to attempts to kick him in the head, but Shuji manages to block it. Shuji reveals that they intended to destroy Toman by having them fight internally, but this is also fine as he can kill Manjiro by his own two hands. Shuji then calls 100 of Moebius members and warns them to not run or he will chase them and beat out all of their teeth. Takemichi realizes that he changed the events and a new conflict rises.

Toman arrives to fight Moebius

As Moebius prepares to fight the four Toman members, the rest of Toman arrives on bikes, ready for a fight. As the fight starts, Takemichi goes around looking for Ken, wishing to protect him from Masataka Kiyomizu. While beating down Moebius members, Manjiro approaches Peyan and asks him why he attacked Ken, even thought they have settled things down. Peyan doesn't accept that Toman gave up on Pah-chin and starts punching Manjiro. He states that Pah-chin was everything for him and if Toman abandoned him, its natural that he becomes their enemy. Peyan knows that Manjiro can beat him in a single hit, but wonders why he isn't fighting. Manjiro pulls Peyan's head towards his and tells him to look at him and if he ever smiled about Pah-chin getting caught. Takemichi had told Manjiro he would be sad if Toman broke because of their fight and Manjiro had never thought that Toman may end up with all of them fighting. Manjiro asks Peyan to keep hitting him until he is satisfied, but he doesn't want to fight with his own family and wishes Peyan to return to them.

Ken stabbed by Masataka

Takemichi eventually spots Masataka and decides to stop him, but then sees he holds a bloody blade while repeating he did it. Takemichi then turns around and sees Ken bleeding on the ground.

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