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Hajime Kokonoi (九井 (ここのい) (はじめ) Kokounoi Hajime?) , or Koko (ココ), is the former tenth generation Black Dragon commander, a former member of the First Division of Toman and Tenjiku's former treasurer. Currently, he is an executive of Bonten.


Koko is of a lean build and a tall stature. He has black hair in a deathhawk style, flowing wildly on the right side of his face, while the left side has rectangles shaved on it. He has fierce piercing black eyes and tall arching brows making his face look eternally angry. He often is sprouting dressed up attire often matching the detailing on his golden earrings.


Koko sees the world as a series of calculations. He acts solely in his own interests; every move of his is to benefit himself. He cozies up to those more powerful than he, but will turn his back on them the moment they lose their instrumentality.

Although greatly materialistic in nature and with an obsession for money, his inclination towards monetary gain is rooted in despair. When Akane Inui, the girl he liked was burned and severely injured, the cost of the operation was impossible for her family to pay. As a result he researched every possible way to acquire money, even logically discerning that as a young boy the only way he could amass money is through illegal activities. However, as he kept hiring criminals for his deeds he became absorbed by the goal of obtaining money and slowly forgetting his original objective.

When news of Akane's death reached him, Koko was unable to face reality, and cope up to the fact the love of his life was gone and with him unable to do anything about it. Now at a complete loss he attaches himself to Inui both as a substitute of the loss of Akane and to his money as well as a means of preventing himself from collapsing internally.

Skills and Abilities

Financial Prowess

Koko has unparalleled financial ability. Ever since his young age, he researched multiple forms of making money by reading books, learning of methods both legal and illegal in the process. As a result he was capable of performing complex criminal schemes involving stealing along investing said money in criminals so they would steal and engage in criminal activity on his place which would in turn create greater profits for himself.

His monetary ability is highly known in the delinquent world, with many gangs seeking him because he can make them rich. In fact, Koko is a major figure in multiple different timelines in which he serves as a major executive in all the most powerful gangs in each timeline, being in charge of the finances, therefore making him a central piece for the success of more structured and dangerous gang organizations.

Fighting Prowess

Besides his financial skills, he's also shown to be a capable fighter, being able to fight on par against Inui.


  • The name Hajime means "one" (一).
  • Hajime's surname Kokonoi means "nine" (九) (kokono) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • As seen in chapter 105, he is in the same grade as Inupi (both 3rd year in Middle School at the time). Inupi was born in 1989 but Koko having his birthday on April 1st, was probably born in 1990 due to the Japanese School System. Indeed, "Children born between April 2nd and April 1st of the following year are placed in the same grade."[3]
  • His special skills are standing behind others (he doesn't like being in the front) and being a big eater.[2]
  • His hobby is fortune telling with playing cards (Inupi doesn't trust him).[2]
  • He loves swimming.[2]
  • He doesn't like ball games because he has bad eyesight.[2]
  • He doesn't ride motorbikes.[5]


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