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Those who don't fit in Bonten are scraps!
— Haruchiyo[1]

Haruchiyo Akashi (明司 (アカシ) (ハル) 千夜 (チヨ) Akashi Haruchiyo?), also known as Haruchiyo Sanzu ( (サン) () (ハル) 千夜 (チヨ) , Sanzu Haruchiyo?), is the Vice-Captain of the 5th Division in Tokyo Manji Gang and is frequently seen as a supporting character in the whole series. In an alternate timeline, he becomes Bonten's No. 2.


Haruchiyo is a young man with long rosy pink hair and slightly-droopy blue eyes with long eyelashes. He shared the same appearance with his younger sister, Senju Kawaragi. He is usually seen wearing his Tokyo Manji Gang uniform, with a black mask and always has a calm look on his face. Both of his ears have a number of piercings, including two helix piercings and two ear lobe piercings, a total of at least four piercings on each ear.

As an adult, Haruchiyo has a long mullet that reaches to his shoulders and wears a blue purple formal suit. He no longer wears his black mask which reveals the two scars on both side of the corner of his lips. He also has a Bonten tattoo that can be seen on his right forearm.

In his younger days, he has short hair swept to one side and gelled back on the other side. He never wore a mask until meeting Yasuhiro Muto. As for his piercings, he is seen wearing them only on his right ear.


As a teenager, Haruchiyo has a calm demeanor and rarely talks. He was extremely loyal and much nicer to those he follows and worships. However, it is later revealed that he is also quite manipulative and is exceptionally good at deceiving other people.

In his younger days, before meeting Yasuhiro Muto, he was described as a wild horse who couldn’t keep himself out of trouble. This made it quite difficult for other divisions in the gang to manage him.

As an adult, Haruchiyo seems to be more extroverted, blunt, and loud. He is ruthless and displays psychopathic tendencies. Haruchiyo is also shown to be on many drugs, which is believed to have played a big part in his insane behavior and personality change.

Haruchiyo’s most notorious trait is his fanatical idolatry towards Manjiro Sano, believing Mikey to be his "king" (akin to the Chess King), and thus deserving of the utmost respect, loyalty and devotion. He is so inclined towards protecting Mikey or the image of him, that he assaulted a gang by himself when they were badmouthing Toman. He also approached Mucho when released from detention, purely to kill him for treason for betraying his king, going as far as brutalize him to his bones for his remnants to be left to be found afterwards.

In the present time he takes sadistic delight and notorious euphoria when executing traitors, while voicefully stating he is enacting Mikey's will. When encountering Takemichi, Haruchiyo ordered him to be silent for the "king" would speak, and threatened to shoot Takemichi for his casual approach, believing it a disrespect.



Haruchiyo may appear to be a calm and trustworthy person, but is actually very manipulative. He was able to manipulate Mucho for a very long time and killed him after he betrayed his king Manjiro Sano.[2]



  • The surname Akashi means "bright" (明) (aka) and "preside over" (司) (shi).
  • The name Haruchiyo means "spring" (春) (haru) and "thousand generations/worlds" (千夜) (chiyo).


  • The mask he is often seen wearing was given by Yasuhiro Muto to cover up his scars.[3]


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