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Haruki Hayashida (林田 (はやしだ) 春樹 (はるき) Hayashida Haruki?) , or Pah-chin (パーちん, Pa-chin?) is one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang and its former third division captain.


Pah-chin is a short delinquent with a stocky build. He has slanted eyes, the sides of his head are shaven and has bleached hair which is parted to one side. There is a small stitch below the left side of his lip and a small scar below his left eye.

As he grows up, he lets his hair return to its original black color and starts dressing in nice clothing, befitting of his career in real estate.


When first seen, Pah-chin appears as a brusque and rude individual, reacting aggressively to minimal things or otherwise harmless statements. Pah-chin is by his own account not very smart, something even Peh-yan agreed with. Pah-chin is seemingly proud and boastful of this fact and sometimes even uses it as an excuse for his actions. Which is something that annoyed other Toman leaders at times when more thought and tactics were useful other than sheer brute force.

Pah-chin is above all a very loyal friend who always supports and stands up for his friends and loved ones. When one of Pah-chin's friends and his girlfriend were brutally assaulted by Moebius, Pah-chin was furious and wanted revenge. Luckily, his defensive instincts kicked in and he managed to hold back, mainly because he was fearful of dragging Toman into a fight where they'd be facing an older and more established gang. His initial displays of aggression being merely an outlet for his frustration over the incident.

When revenge was authorized by Mikey, Pah-chin was invigorated and hoped to strike at the earliest possible opportunity. He did not take Takemichi's suggestion to not attack, well. Fearing that Moebius' provocation could be part of a larger scheme and even beat him down for providing ambiguous logic. If it means to fight for his friends, there is no limit Pah-chin is unwilling to cross, facing Osanai in a duel that was obviously to his disadvantage, and later stabbing him to finally make him pay for his crimes. Subsequently he stayed behind and let himself be arrested to allow the rest of his gang-mates to escape police.

After being released from detention Pah-chin seems a new man with a different outlook at life. Although he maintains most of his personality quirks, he seems much more focused and orderly, now being capable of running a real state business with great precision and surprising know how.


Fighting Prowess

Pah was considered one of the strongest fighters in Toman, so much that Peh-yan had absolute trust in his abilities. Unfortunately, the full extent of his fighting power has not been demonstrated as he was defeated with relative ease by Osanai who had an expertise in boxing. Nonetheless, Pah-chin proved himself durable enough to take a severe beating and still remain conscious.


Following his release from detention, Pah-chin managed a real estate business. Despite his previous assertions of being stupid, Pah-chin demonstrated precise know how of his industry and accute care of the minimum details to deliver the best product possible to his customers. In the Present time, his business would grow into a commercial success.


  • The name Haruki means "spring" (春) (haru) and "tree" (樹) (ki).
  • Haruki's surname Hayashida means "forest" (林) (hayashi) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).



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