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Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members (池袋クリミナルブラックメンバーズ, Ikebukuro Kuriminaru Burakku Menbāzu?), or ICBM, was a biker gang based on Ikebukuro district.


ICBM was a well-known and powerful gang. Its leader, Hansen, was the overseer for the Bloody Halloween incident, but was humiliated by Kazutora Hanemiya, causing the gang's reputation to tank.

Later on, it was easily taken apart by Tenjiku and mocked by Izana Kurokawa.[1]


They wear white bōsōzoku style clothing with words the initials ICBM at the top of the front upper left pocket. At the back of their uniform are their full group name "Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members."[2]

Known Members


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